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Mango Mousee

Posted by Annita on July 30, 2006

Another one i’ve tried is also from Spicyana.This time,a dessert which i’ve been longing to prepare .Thanks Archana,that was one nice sweet to be served on parties.We all loved it,especially my little one.

Mango Mousse

Here goes the recipe for Mango Mousse..


Ripe mangoes -2 nos
Orange Juice or Honey – 1 tbsp(to add with mango puree) + 1/4 cup(for mixing gelatin)
Condensed milk – 4tbsp
Sugar – 1/4 cup
Egg – 3
Plain Gelatin – 1 tsp
Whipping Cream -200 ml


Puree the mangoes by adding orange juice and strain it .Microwave (or heat) 1/4 cup of orange juice for 10 seconds and add gelatine into it.Mix it well and keep aside.Eggs and sugar are mixed together to make a cream.Heat the stove and boil the cream in medium heat,stirring continuosly till it becomes thick.Remove from heat and add gelatine into it.Now slowly stir in condensed milk,and allow it to cool.Add mango puree to the cooled egg-sugar mixture and mix it.Keep it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.Whip half of the cream well and fold it gently into the mixture.As Archana said,ready made sweetened whipped cream can also be used .Chill for another 4-6 hrs and serve with whipped cream,mango slices or anything of ur choice.I’ve had it with the cherries I brought from home.


7 Responses to “Mango Mousee”

  1. Shuba said

    Wowwww is all I can say…weekend avide special aayirunnu ennu thonnunnallo….:-)

    hehe..just to impress my hubby..:))


  2. Rg said

    Looks so delicious and sounds simple too. I love mangoes…hmmmmm… yum! will try it out soon. Like shuba said, you seemed to have had a very busy and very special weekend, huh?

    It is really simple,Rg…Good one for mango lovers..

  3. Rg said

    annita, 1 tbsp orange juice is used while making the mango puree and other than that additional 1/4 cup orange juice to add along with gelatine right? why is O.j added while pureeing? After refrigerating step, folding in half of the cream gently into the mixture, is that half out of 200ml of whipped cream that u’ve mentioned? thanks.

    Yes..thats right,Rg..Sorry I forgot to mention about that extra 1/4 cup orange juice in the ingredients part..Now i’ve corrected it..Thank you very much for pointing that out.And about whipping cream also,what u’ve said is correct.1/2 of 200 ml..other half can be used for decorating.

    And I’m not so sure,why orange juice is added for pureeing.I just blindly followed Archana’s steps.I think it can give an extra flavour and also provides necessary water needed for pureeing the mangoes..Archana,can u pls help with this?


  4. Archana said

    SAnthosham kondu enikku vakkukal kittunilla. Thank you for trying this one out. I am so excited to hear that little Milan liked it.

    Yeah..he liked it a lot..Thanks a lot..

  5. jaanu said

    it might look silly for u guys.sorry.whats plain gelatin.

    Gelatin is a thickening agents mainly used in puddings..It is available in all grocery stores in the baking section..

  6. jaanu said

    thanks a lot.sure to try it.thanks a r very prompt

  7. jaanu said

    Can i use tinned natco pulp instead of riped mangoes

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