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Boli- My entry for JFI#4-Flour

Posted by Annita on July 17, 2006

Bolis are more popular in Thiruvananthapuram(the capital city of Kerala),than anywhere else in Kerala.This soft and scrumptious golden yellow colored pancake is a must in all wedding feasts or other festive occasions.This is usually served along with a ladleful of ‘Palpayasam’.The sweet thin bolis,with a little ghee spread on them,will simply melt into your mouth.And now some history..Brahmins of Karnataka were the first ones to make Bolis ,and when they moved to other cities in pursuit of jobs,they took this art of boli making along with them.Some of them have moved to Kerala also and it is from these immigrant Brahmins,bolis reached the state.

Boli served with Palada

My blog friend Rashmi,has constantly been asking about this Boli recipe.Sorry for the delay Rashmi,but finally I did it.
And here it goes..


Bengal Gram (Kadalaparippu) – 2cups
Sugar – 2 cups
Gingelly Oil(Nallenna) -1/2 cup
All Purpose Flour(Maida) – 2 cups
Water – As needed
Nutmeg(Jathikka) powder – 1/4 tsp
Cardamom(Elakka)powder -1/4 tsp
Golden Yellow Food color(Jilebi color) – a pinch (Optional)
Rice Flour – to spread on the board,to prevent it from sticking
Ghee – 1/4 cup


Boil gram with plenty of water until it is cooked soft.Strain it well.Again add some more water,boil it and drain.Add sugar and 3 tsp of ghee into the cooked gram,allow it to cook in medium heat.

Gram,Sugar and Ghee on Stove

Stir continuosly until the mixture becomes semi solid.Be carefult,it should not become too hard.Now stir in cardamom powder and nutmeg powder into it.Mix well together and grind it using a mixer.

Gram changed into a semi-solid

The grinding has to be done while it is hot itself.Otherwise,if it becomes cold,the mixture can  harden and makes grinding difficult.
Mix the flour and food color together .Add enough water and make it into a soft dough.Pour gingelly oil into it and knead it well until the dough become very soft.Keep it aside for 1/2 an hour to make it more soft.

Grinded gram and Soft dough

Now make equal number of lemon sized balls with both gram mixture and with the dough.Take a ball made of flour,roll out a little on a floured surface( rice flour is spread on the surface).Keep the gram ball in centre of the rolled dough.

Rolled dough with gram ball inside

Cover the gram completely with the dough as shown in the photograph.

Gram ball is being covered

Now using hand ,press it evenly and make it very smooth.

Smooth dough,with cooked gram inside

Again roll it out as thin as possible.Then heat a griddle and cook the bolis just like we do for chappathis.Apply little ghee on both sides.Keep it in an air tight container and keep it in the refrigeretor when it is cooled.Thus, it can be stored for a week.

Boli getting cooked

Enjoy it with ‘PalPayasam’.

Boli served with Payasam

And this is my first entry to JFI#4-“Flour” hosted by Santhi.


38 Responses to “Boli- My entry for JFI#4-Flour”

  1. Wow…. Annita you always make tough recipes in a easy way. I am fond of your paratha’s and still it is in my checklist. As you said, I have ate this recipe for the first time in Trivandrum when my friend invited for the house warming cermony. I wondered how to eat this, since they never made this recipe at my home. I saw everyone eating with payasam and I did the same:) I love this recipe and now it is available in stores in Trivandrum:)

    I’m trying it for first time,Priya..But anyway i got it right…:))Thanks for dropping by Priya..BTW How was your summer classes?


  2. I have heard that making Boli is quite tough and here you have posted the recipe too…the first time i had boli was at my own wedding!I have never heard of it before in Bangalore!Thanks a lot for this recipe ,have to try this:)

    Me too tasted it after  marriage ,Sumi.And many thanks Sumi.Try this out and lemme know if u liked it,ook?


  3. Shuba said

    wowwww kandittu nalla rasam….need to try this….:-)

    Nee kazhichittille ithu?Its good with Payasam..


  4. Kate said

    Hi Annita,

    Your website is cool with delicious recipes.I would love to try this boli recipe.But why do you have to boil the dal with water & strain it twice.Can we use the same water while making the outer dough.Please clarify.


    Thanks Kate. Cooking twice can make the dal soo soft,Kate.And i din’t think about using the same water to prepare dough.Probably it can give a different taste,bcoz the dal water can change the flavour of dough,rt?Anyway ,u can give it a try,Kate..U think great,huh..:))


  5. Reshmi Menon said

    Hi annita,
    Hey,”you did it ,you did it” .Thank you ssssssooooooooooooooo much dear friend!!!I am so happy that you posted it.Both my Hubby’s and son’s B’days r coming up and im going to make it!!!

    Luv reshmi.

    Evide aayirunnu itrayum divasam?Njan vicharichu boli recipe kittathe pinangi irikkuvaanennu…:))


  6. L.G said

    Just great! Simply great! Esp since these are hard to find recipes! I am bowled…sorry..boli-ed over :)

    Thanks L.G ..,Madiyokke maari rangapraveesham cheytho..:))


  7. Rg said

    Annita, I’ve never tasted Boli before. I’ve heard of it though. I also have heard, it’s not easy to make. I’ve plans now to give this a try for onam along with payasam. BTW, Annita, can this be made ahead and stored or should it be served at once? thanks for this recipe.

    Y/day, for dinner, Puttu+kadala curry(your recipe) aayirunnu…ohhhh! it was so good….thanks annita.

    Yes Rg,If you keep it in the fridge ,it’ll stay for more than a week.I forgot to mention this in the post..Will add it to it..Thanks for reminding me..And happy to hear that u all liked it…:)


  8. Archana said

    Hi Annita,
    I love Boli with palpayasam ( semis exsp.). My mother spent most of her college days in Tvm, so Boli was always a must celebration dessert in our home in Cherthala. Good job Annita.

    Thanks Archana,U from cherthala?Even my Taravadu is in Cherthala,Thuravoor?


  9. Archana said

    God, i meant semia !!!!

    I got it,Archana…Urangikkondano type cheythathu..:)


  10. vineela said

    Hi Annita,
    I love polis .we call it as bobbatlu and nice demonstration.

    Thanks Vineela..BTW I’ve tried your mushroom pulao and it came out well.>will post the pic soon..


  11. ruchii said

    Hey Annita,
    Very nice demonstration. It is similar to obbatu/bobbatlu as vineela said. I loved your unda-chammanthi recipe. I have never tasted or heard of that before, but pics look so good and tempting. Thanks for sharing.

    Its good to know different cuisines,rt?Thanks for the comment,Ruchii..


  12. Shuba said

    kazhichittundu store bought ones…its not so common in our area…and never tried it with payasam too…

    Yeah..Thats is again a trivandrum speciality.It goes well with Payasam..but only palpaayasam..not with the jaggery ones..


  13. Anjali said

    Nice recipe. I have tried making boli before but it did not come out soft as we get in some of the stores. Are there any tips to make it light & soft?
    Boli is my favourite sweet but I haven’t seen it in northern parts of Kerala. Never knew that it has to be served with paysam.

    You have to knead the dough for long and make it soo soft,Anjali.Roll it out as thin as possible and apply lots of ghee..These are the only tips i know.

    And also keep it in a tightly closed container .

    Hope this helps and thanks for dropping by Anjali


  14. Archana said

    Hi Annita,
    My mother’s house is in Cherthala and father’s in Alpy, so my parents finally settled in a “metropolitan city” called Arthinkal which is right in the middle of both places!!! Ha Ha… I know so many people in Thuravar, i might even know your family.

  15. Archana said

    Hi Annita,
    My mother’s house is in Cherthala and father’s in Alpy, so my parents finally settled in a “metropolitan city” called Arthinkal which is right in the middle of both places!!! Ha Ha… I know so many people in Thuravoor, i might even know your family.

    Yeah..Thuravoor sidel okkay njan bayankara famous alle…:))

    And i’ve been to Arthinkal curch many times..But for my last Kerala trip ,i couldn’t go there.


  16. Reshmi Menon said

    Enda Ann mohanlal stylil “appolekkum pinangeyyoooooooo” nnokke? Pinanageetonnumilla ttoo…thirakkayrunnu…mail kittilye?

    Yes..kitti kitti…:))Ayye..athu mohanlal style allaayirunnu..,Njan suresh gopi style aanu udheshichathu..”Appozhekkum pinangiyo…grrrrrrrr?”…:))

    And my kid loved that starfall,Reshmi..Thanks for it..And whenz ur kids birthday?


  17. Indira said

    This looks almost like our bobbatlu/bhakshalu, a traditional sweet that we would prepare for all major festivals like Dasera. Etc.
    No gingely oil though, lots of ghee is used while preparing bobbatlu.

    I really enjoyed reading the recipe and looking at the photos. Great recipe and a neat entry to JFI-Flours. Thanks Annita.

    Really happy to get a comment from you,Indira.


  18. shynee said

    I believe it is the same ‘Poli’ that I have heard my MIL refer to often…Never tried it… thanx indeed for the recipe…..You give such detailed snaps for most of your recipes that it becomes really easy for anybody…

    Thanks Shynee.I had tried your Pidi recipe and it was quite good.


  19. santhi said

    cool entry for JFI Annita.
    Soory for such a delayed response..
    But urs is one of the first few entries..
    Am looking forward for more from you…

    Thanks Santhi.even i’m planning for one more entry to JFI.Donno whether it’ll work out..Anyway will try..:)


  20. […] Annita’s treasure and pleasure for JFI has been “Boli“. She says “This soft and scrumptious golden yellow colored pancake is a must in all wedding feasts or other festive occasions.This is usually served along with a ladleful of ‘Palpayasam’.The sweet thin bolis,with a little ghee spread on them,will simply melt into your mouth.” […]

  21. krithika said

    Poli looks delicious. Look at the poli puffing up while cooking. Great recipe and step by step instruction.

    Thanks Krithika..


  22. menutoday said

    Hi Anitha,
    Your “Poli” looks soooooo yummy!!! Thanx for sharing.

    Thanks for dropping by menutoday.


  23. Manasi said

    Oooohh! yummy! I luv sweets and this one is making my mouth water! & a very nice way of explaining the steps.
    It is similar to the ‘PuranPoli’ Maharashtirans make….. :)

    Thank you very much Manasi


  24. ArSu said

    Happy to know more kerala traditions. Wonderful presentation.

    Thanks Arsu.And many thanks for dropping by.


  25. Ambika Menon said

    The boli came very well,all in my family really loved it .. though it dint fluff up like yours:(.. thanks for the recipe Anitha

    Thanks for letting me know about it,Ambika


  26. Rg said

    Annita,I tried this recipe last weekend…it tasted good…I didn’t add yellow color though as I didn’t have any. So it didn’t look gorgeous like yours :( Just as Ambika menon above had mentioned that it didn’t fluff up for her, it didn’t puff up for me either:( any thoughts? annita, thanks a lot for this recipe. I made these in plenty and have it in stock in the fridge. Dhaanks..dhaanks… Thanks.:))

    May be bcoz the dough has not become soo soft..And its first time,huh?You are gonna get it right next time..Don’t u remember how we used to prepare chappathi for the first time..mine started to puff only after 1 yr of making chappathi’s ..:))
    And were u satisfied with the taste,Rg?U didn’t mention anything about it…


  27. Pushpa said

    I’m looking for this receipe for a long while. U explained very well. I love Boli.
    Do u know the recipe for ada prathaman?
    Thanks for all ur recipes

    i’ll surely be posting a recipe for ada pradhaman soon…Pushpa..
    And many thanks for dropping by.

  28. Bicky said

    HI Annita

    I’m a regular viewer of ur site.Your dishes are really good.You know what now i’m trying this boli recipe…So far so gud…If i’ve boli and vermecili paayasam in front of me i’ll forget the whole world…that much i like the comination…i’ll let you know how the boli turned out.

    Thank you so much…

    Thank you Bicky,
    Pls let me know how it turned out for you..

  29. bicky said

    Hi Annita

    Boli turned out delicious.My husband also loved it so much….
    2 cups of kadalaparippu is more quantity for me.kurechu baakki vannu….
    taste was superb.
    Thank you so much for ur recipe Annita.
    I’m gonna have it again after lunch:-)..I cannot stop eating.

  30. Nisha said

    Hi Annita,

    I’m a frequent visitor of your site, but somehow I never got a chance to write to you. I keep it pending almost all days, today seeing your boli recipe i felt i had to write to you. Hats off to you ma’m you are a genius. You made the recipe so simple, I never thought this would be so simple.I’m definitely going to try this.

    I read in one of your replies today you are from thuravoor,I’m also close to thuravoor (Ezhupunna). Right now i’m in Germany with my husband and daughter. Thanks for posting so many delicious recipe. I’ll be dropping in again very soon so please do reply.

    Bye for now…

    Thanks a lot for writing to me, fathers house is at Thuravoor only,…
    Pls let me know how well the Boli turned out for u..
    Regards to ur husband and daughter

  31. Fathima said

    Hello… I tried this out… it came out really good… only issue I had was for some reason the maida ball proportion was much smaller compared to the kadalaprippu balls… so had to do with smaller maida ones… other than that they were yummy… thanks much!

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  33. Reshmi said

    The recipe looks easy, my husband is from TVM and he was asking me to make this..That is when I saw the receipe…I wanted to know whether we can use Jaggery instead of sugar ..what abt coconut?

    I think u can use jaggery…but i don’t think u need coconut in boli…

  34. Dhanya said

    Hi Annita,

    I was looking for a boli recipe and came across your blog. I tried it today and it tasted great!. I am not very good at rolling out dough thin – so it didn’t turn out soft and thin..Many thanks for a great recipe. :)

    I’m happy to hear that you liked it Dhanya.Thank you for posting a comment here and do visit me often.

  35. Maya said

    This is one of the famous dessert in TVM.Both my husband and myself are from TVM ,now staying in Philadelphia.This is my husbands favourite dessert and I am going to try this.

  36. Mr. said

    can any one help me out by posting the recepie of an authentic biriani . I ve tried many times it came out well with my recepie but never matched the kind of taste of biriani I had from paragone restaurant Calicut

  37. Gayathri Sivakumar said


    I tried it today and came out very well. Thanx a ton. Its a superhit among my friends here in ca. we all njoyed it with paalpayasam. I alwes miss kerala feast .Im frm Tvm where we can get
    yummy boli from agraharams . Ive tried almost all your recipes and all turned out nice.

    God bless you !!!

  38. Anjali Hot Pics…

    […]Boli- My entry for JFI#4-Flour « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

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