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Posted by Annita on July 13, 2006

This breakfast dish reminds me of my Amma’s house in Erumely,a quiet,small and beautiful agricultural village,otherwise known as gateway to Sabarimala. This place is very famous for ‘Pettathullal’ a kind of mass spritual dance perform by Ayyappa devotees.

A healthy breakfast to start your day with

Unda & Chammanthi was a regular breakfast dish there and i haven’t seen this anywhere else.Unda is a Malayalam slang for small spherical objects.When I was a kid,I couldn’t tolerate the hot spicy Chammanthi accompanied with Unda,and my amma used to feed me with a ghee- sugar mixture which goes very well with it.Even now i love this Unda-Ghee-Sugar combo better than the spicy one,but you know its the dieting world and i’ve put more than 10 kgs of weight after my pregnancy.Anyway just like me,my little one loves to have it with ghee..

Here goes the recipe for Unda…


Finely ground & roasted Rice Flour – 2cups(I’ve used store brought rice flour and just dry roast it in a pan for few minutes)
Grated Coconut – 1 and a 1/2 cup
Water – as needed
Salt – to taste


Take rice flour in a bowl and keep aside.Boil the water by adding salt in it.Now add the boiled water into the rice flour and mix it well with a spatula.When it is half cooled,add grated coconut into it and mix it well with hand to form a very smooth dough.

Rice flour made into a smooth dough

Divide it into small lemon sized balls.Arrange it evenly on an idli mould or any other trays which can be used to steam cook.

Dough made into small lemon sized balls

Steam it for 5- 8 mts or until well cooked.

Steamed Unda

And now the recipe for hot- spicy Chammanthi..


Shallots – 6
Whole Dried Red Chillies (Unakka mulaku)-10
Curry leaves – a few
Salt – to taste
Oil – as needed


Heat little oil in a pan and saute shallots ,curry leaves and red chillies for a minute.No need to turn it brown,just heat it.Grind it to a smooth paste, adding salt along with it.If you can grind it without water,it is well and good.In my home,grindining part is done using an ‘Arakallu'(Something like stone mortar and pestle but, flat shaped) .But here i’ve used a mixer for it.Add 2 or 3 tsp of oil to the grinded paste and mix it well.It is now ready to be served.

Unda and Chammanthi

This is my entry to our charming Nandita’s Breakfast Blogging..and also to Barbara’s Spice Is Right-Chilli event.


32 Responses to “Unda-Chammanthi”

  1. Vanitha said

    Great photos!! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will make it for my husband today. I am sure he’ll enjoy it.

    Thanks Vanitha..Did he enjoy it?


  2. Rg said

    I think this is what is called kozhukattai/kozhukatta in tamil. my mom makes it too…but I never knew it should be had with chammandhi…my mom makes it and gives those undaas just like that and the left overs, she would make it into a kind of upuma…by cutting into bite sized chunks and adding mustard seeds, red chillies, curry leaves and shallots spluttered in oil….and garnished with again grated coconut. Sometimes, she makes this unda kozhukatta as a sweet variety by adding jaggery+coconut mixture in each kozhukatta ball and then steam it till it’s done. (This sweet variety is a very popular snack made on the day of Vinayaka chathurthi in Tamilnadu.) Anyways, I’m gonna try this recipe of yours tommorrow evening…will get back to u with results. :-))

    annita,great blogging with lot of tempting recipes…thanks a lot for all the yummy recipes. Good job!

    Thanks for reminding me about that Upma.I’ve had it from my friends’ place..But haven’t tried it myself..I’ll be trying that soon,Rg


  3. Ashwini said

    Thats one cute looking breakfast!

    Many many thanks,Ashwini


  4. nandita said

    This is a lovely breakfast item Annita-quite similar to the upma kozhakattai i plan to post for the event- the chutney looks HOt and mouthwatering, you must send the chutney recipe to Barbara at for her spice is right event with chillies


    Thanks for reminding me about Chilli event.After seeing your comment only,i sent it to Barbara..Thanks Nandita


  5. Nerissa said

    That looks yummy! I don’t think I’ve eaten a spicy breakfast like that before. well, maybe if it was leftovers from the previous night ;-)

    Yeah..may be..:))Thanks for dropping by,Nerissa


  6. shilpal said

    We too have something like this in Konkani cuisine,but i haven’t tried it yet. It amazes me how the kerala and konkani cuisines have very similar dishes.Thanks for sharing.

    This is the good part aboutblogging,huh?We could know about different cuisines.


  7. Archana said

    Wow Annita,
    Those “undas” look so glossy and fine. I have never tried it with chammanthi, i can guess how good it will be. Will try it out soon. Did you use the rice flour bought from an INdian grocery store? Why don’t you send it for “Too darned Hot” event hosted by . This will be alovely entry. Thank you

    Thanks for reminding me about that Chilli event.I’ve sent it to that…I just used a store brought fine rice flour from ‘Swad’.I am very lazy to grind rice flour and to do such hard works,Archana


  8. RP said

    How did you make such perfect undas? Mine always get fingerprints on it. :) And the chammanti looks delicious.

    Njan angu pongi Sky il ethi RP…:))


  9. Surya said

    I recollect once my father had mentioned about the tasty,spicy rice dumplings with chutney after his Sabarimala trip.But my mom didn’t know how to make this.Thanks for the wonderful recipe Annita!

    Try it out and lemme know the result,Surya


  10. krithika said

    This one is new to me. That’s the beauty about food blogs. You get to learn so much other cuisines. Thanks for sharing this traditional recipe.

    And many thanks for dropping by Krithika..


  11. sumi said

    Great breakfast.the combination is super.
    My mom makes these urundai’s too..but this is not a seperate breakfast for us.She just makes them with the leftover mavu from Idiyappam,just for us kids.I totally forgot about it, until I read your post.Will try this next time when I make Idiyappam definitely with your beautiful chammanthi.

    Thanks a lot Sumi.Try out the chammanthi and let me know whether u like it.


  12. Suni said

    Anitha, Thanks for remind us about this unda. I will make it today. My mother made it with the leftover of idiyappam mavu. And on Good Saturday ( yester day of Easter) it was a must in our area. If you mix instead of puting inside) jaggery or sugar and coconut to the mavu, u can make sweet unda. chamnthi combination – we never tried. Thanks a lot

    We also make sweet undas,Suni..U mean Kozhukkattai,rt?

    Thanks again


  13. shynee said

    Happened to see u’r snaps in the orkut..u’r son looks so cute..Hmmm very much like kozhukkatta…perhaps only the seasoning is missed…good presentation indeed…

    I too searched and found u in orkut…But no snaps..huh?

    Thanks Shynee..BTW i’ve made ur pidi and it was a great pic..Will be posting the photos soon..


  14. shaheen said

    I have had only the sweet version of this…The jaggery kozhukottai that RP described.My mom used to make this with leftover Idiappam dough.I have to try the spicy version.Your fish packets are on my mind so much,I have decided to try it today.There is a mappila versio of it that I will post soon.
    Meanwhile, I am tagging you for an informal meme..Please check it out.

    I’ll do that for sure,Shaheen..


  15. Vasundhara said

    This looks so much like kozhakkattai without the fillings and the side dish is a must try!!! :-) BTW, do you use the store bought rice flour or do you grind it at home just like we do back in India. And, wanted to know which rice to use if you are grinding it at home.

    I just used the store brought rice flour from Swad.. And this is just the same like Kozhukkattai without the filling..


  16. shaheen said

    Had to let you know, I made yoour fish packets yesterday and they were a big hit. Thanks a lot.I made it with canned tuna and it became a little moist. It tasted like a cross between Fish cultlets and springrolls.I have a new party pleaser now.

    Really happy to hear that it turned out well for u ,Shaheen..


  17. Arjuna said

    Great recipe Annita and very nice pictures.

    Thanks for dropping by,Arjuna


  18. Annita what lovely smooth Undas!it would have taken lot of your time and patience to make it so well,besides the chammanthi looks yum!

    Thanks again Sumi,


  19. Annita what lovely smooth Undas!it would have taken lot of your time and patience to make it so well,besides the chammanthi looks yum!With a wonderful chammanthi like that why do you like it with ghee:)

    Haha..May be a childhood taste…Thanks Sumi..


  20. L.G said

    Hi Annita
    Never heard of this. When you say Rice flour,is it Roasted rice flour or just plain rice flour? Is it coarsely ground or fine ground?

    Good question LG,I forgot to mention that in the post.Of course it is finely ground broasted flour like we use for Idiyappam..


  21. sudha said

    What a wonderful breakfast item. Surely will wake up all the senses. Nice photos. btw in telugu ‘chammanthi’ is the name of a flower.

    Ooh..thats a new info Sudha..Chammanthi is chutney for us..and  aflower for u..:))Thanks to blogs,rt?


  22. […] How can we Westerners fail to learn about spices now that we have so many great teachers from India, writing from their kitchens? Let me introduce Annita, who writes My Treasure…My Pleasure from her kitchen in Kerala, and who, like all of the other Indian food bloggers I have had the pleasure of reading, is generous with her recipes, instruction and writing. For her first entry into The Spice is Right, she gives us something few of us Indian food fans in the US have seen: Unda-Chammanthi. What’s that? Well, they are a healthy breakfast of steamed rice flour and coconut cakes dipped in a sauce/chutney made from the holy trinity of chile, shallots and curry leaves. Doesn’t that sound like an eye-opener in the morning? Much better than cold cereal, I think. Thank you, Annita, and I hope to see your goodies here again next month! […]

  23. Bindu said

    Annita, just wanted you to know..I made Unda today..we call it kozhukkatta in thrissur, atleast in my family:)i had it after many many years..last we had it as kids when our grandma made them for us whenever we visited her during summer vacations! all those memories came back. i made the sweet ones…with coconut and sugar and little cumin too. it was little softer than it shud be, maybe i added little bit extra water…but next time will try to correct it. thanks anyway Annita. your recipe made this happen:))

    We also call ‘Kozhukatta’ for the sweet version,and the plain ones..”Unda..”..Funny,rt?

  24. Annita, my mouth is watering after seeing the picture, this is one of my favourite breakfast & the picture is so tempting….


  25. sheeju said

    hai annita,we too call it as “unda” (for fun me&brother call it as ‘bomb’).we usually have it with last nights meen curry(preferably fish curry with coconut grinded)which is a good combination from my mothers side and that dosent leaves my mouth even stomach is full!we also tries left over undas as upma at eve with tea. but never tried it out with spicy its my role to do it for my husband and me.surely we’ll love it.thanks for the item

  26. Felicia said

    This reminds me a lot of the japanese food, called dango.
    I will try to make this. Both dango and this unda is balls made of rice flour. It seems quite similiar to me.
    Interesting <3

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