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Its Milan’s 2nd Birthday..

Posted by Annita on July 4, 2006

It was a big day for me..My little guy turned two today..And i’m very happy that i could prepare a traditional ‘Pirannal Sadya‘ (Birthday Feast) for him.

Here’s the snap..

Pirannal Sadya
Posted by Annita

24 Responses to “Its Milan’s 2nd Birthday..”

  1. L.G said

    Oh! Many many happy returns of the day for your little boy!

    Thanks a lot,L.G


  2. Puspha said

    Looks delicious!!! Happy Birthday to u boy.

    Thanks Pushpa


  3. Belated birthday wishes to the birthday boy!The sadya makes my mouth water:)

    Many thanks Sumi


  4. neethu said

    Monu pirannal aashamsakal

    Thanks alot,Neethu


  5. shynee said

    Hridayam niranja pirannal aashamsakal…sadya kazhichittu kurey kaalamayi…naattil poyittu venam ini aasha mattan!Anyway enjoy the sadya!

    Thanks a lot,Shynee..Njangalum kuree naalukalkku shesham aanu oru sadya kazhichathu..


  6. krithika said

    Happy birthday to your little boy. Feast served on Vazha ilai looks delicious.

    Many many thanks Krithika


  7. lalitha said

    happy bday to Milan. nice feast.

    Thanks to u ,Lalitha


  8. shilpa said

    Belated birthday wishes to your boy. Thali looks delicious and colorful. Can u pls name the dishes for us?

    Thanks Shilpa.I’ve already listed out the dishes in Renu’s comment…


  9. Priya said

    Loads of Birthday wishes to Milan. That looks like a delicious spread for him..wonder how much of it he finished. It wud be gr8 if u cud name the dishes…I am playing the guess game though :-)

    Thanks a lot Priya,I’ve already listed out the dishes in Renu’s comment..And lemme know about ur guess too..:))


  10. RP said

    Happy Birthday To You…….Happy Birthday To You…….Happy Birthday Our Dear Milan….
    Milan, did you enjoy the sadya?

    Many many Thanks Rp,He just tasted some of it…But he was having a fun time in roaming around the banana leaves


  11. renu said

    belated b’day wishes for little milan. did he really eat all that !? (Of course not, i know) but he must’ve enjoyed it. why don’t you list out all the dishes ? looks so yummm.
    maybe, i’ll post about a pirannal sadya at our home !

    U r right,Renu..he didn’t even had the quarter of it…:))..But rest of us enjoyed..This was actually a Sadya of Trivandrum Style.And i’m sorry i forgot to mention about the dishes..

    So here it is:

    1.Plantain Chips & Sharkaravaratty


    3.Cut Mango Pickle

    4.Puli Inchi

    5.Beetroot Pachadi

    5.Pineapple Pachadi


    7.Cabbage Thoran


    The snap was of the first course with Parippu curry to pour over.Again the second course was with Sambar.

    Then comes Payasam.Again the rice is served with Kaalan,then with rasam and then with Pachamoru (Buttermilk).Of course every body surrendered after third course,ie with Kaalan..:))

    Awaiting to see your Pirannal Sadya Photos..Renu..


  12. giniann said

    Annita..u r so awesome. Wishes to Milan. Will u share a pic of the birthday boy? Creating a meal like that will be one of my highest culinary achievements. Hope to do that sometime.

    Thanks a lot Gini,Happy to see your comment after a long time..

    Yeah sure Gini,I’ll be posting his pic soon..ok..I couldn’t find any good pic of his b’day celebration..he was running and running and in all snaps he’s looking here and there..:))


  13. BDSN said

    Wow …so many items!!! I have always wanted to learn cabbage thoran…!!I have learnt aviyal but cabbage thoran NO..not yet!!

    Thanks BDSN..I think cabbage thoran is very simple compared to Aviyal..!!

  14. […] After reading Annita’s post today and looking at that sumptous meal, I am determined mone than ever to learn more of the traditional Kerala dishes.I had this with rice and some fish. Oh man! It was so good and so proud to learn this new dish! This sure is a good start. […]

  15. Ashwini said

    Belated birthday wishes to Milan. He is very lucky to have a mom like you :-)
    Could you pls pst the recipes for the pineapple pachadi and the Sharkaravaratty? They look delicious!!

    Thanks Ashwini..You are making me bloat…:))

    i’ll sure post those recipes Ashwini


  16. Reshmi Menon said

    hey,Happy b’day to’l milan!!!!Annita,ur sadhya looks splendid,its really mouth watering,hope milan had a good time.

  17. Reshmi Menon said

    hey,Happy b’day to’l milan!!!!Annita,ur sadhya looks splendid,its really mouth watering,hope milan had a good time.
    Did you check that site annita,which i’ve mentioned in previous post? By the way,expecting your boli recipe soon..

    Thanks Reshmi..Yeah..I’ve checked that site..Its simply great…Milan loves watching it.Thanks again for that..And I didn’t get time to prepare boli on his birthday..But will be doing that soon..Undaakkiyittu udane ayachu taram.By the way..are u planning to prepare it on any special occasion?


  18. Archana said

    MAny many happy returns Milan,can’t wait for Onam to make a sadya after seeing your pic Annita. Nattil poyathupole orr thonnal!!!!

    Thanks a lot Archana..We somehow managed it with a frozen broken Vazhayila..:))


  19. Rg said

    Annita, Belated b’day wishes to your son Milan….

    Wow! You’ve made so many items… did u manage to make all that with your little one around…my goodness… you’re simply great. Did u have a big party? Very good….

    Thanks Rg,I’m getting flattered…ahh…!!I’ve to show these comments to my hubby though…:))It wasn’t a big party Rg,Only 8 people were there.


  20. vineela said

    Hi Annita,
    Belated birthday wishes to your little one.

    Thanks Vineela


  21. Rose said

    Hi Milan,

    Many many happty returns of the day !!!


    Hi rosemol..

    Thanks a lot..We had a small get together here on his birthday..Howz everything out there in blore..

    Regards to Liya


  22. santhi said

    Belated B’day wishes to the lil one.
    Hope he had LOTS of fun…

    Thanks Santhi..He really had fun…:)


  23. Jose said

    I just want to know where will I get the brown rice in chicago !!

    As i’m not in Chicago,i donno the exact place..But once i’ve been there ,and i found one Malyalee grocery store in Devon Street .Its name was ‘Maveli’.If you are really interested i can enquire about it and let u know.


  24. If only more than 93 people would hear this.

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