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Okra – Cabbage Fry

Posted by Annita on June 27, 2006

Okra otherwise known as Lady’s Finger in Indian Cuisine ,is one vegetable which is often neglected by many people.When cut, okra releases some sticky substance with has heavy thickening properties.May be it is this clinginess,that matters most.Indira of Mahanandi , has given a beautiful description and some tips to handle the clinginess of Okra.I too hated it before.But donno somehow i developed a liking towards this vegetable and now i can have almost anything with Okra.When buying fresh okra,you have to look for young and tender ones without any bruises.Okra is a rich source of many nutrients, including fiber, vitamin B6 and folic acid.This Okra Cabbage Fry is my Amma’s favorite and it goes very well with roti and rice.
Here’s the recipe..

Okra cut into 1/2 inch size pieces – 1 cup
Cabbage – 1 cup
(Seperate the layers and cut in the size as shown in the picture)
Sliced Onion – 1/2
Sliced Green Chillies -5
Sliced Garlic – 1 tsp(As i was out of Garlic,it is not shown in the picture)
Curry leaves – 2 Sprig
Turmeric Powder -1/2 tsp
Salt – to taste
Oil -as needed

Heat oil in a pan and saute onion,curry leaves,green chillies and garlic for few minutes.Add turmeric powder and salt into it and mix well.Now stir in cabbage and saute it till it starts to turn soft.Add okra pieces and mix thoroughly.Fry till it is done ,stirring occasionally.Serve hot .

Okra – Cabbage Fry
Posted by Annita

26 Responses to “Okra – Cabbage Fry”

  1. Vaishali said

    Hi Annita,
    Okra and cabbage? Never thought that this combination was possible. Should try out next time I buy okra.

    I bet you’ll love it Vaishali..

  2. Ooooh thats an interesting combination Annita,okra and cabbage!I have never tried this combo!Looks yummy!

    Thanks Sumi..


  3. lalitha said

    Delicious. your pics always look awesome.

    Thanks Lalitha


  4. Shuba said

    oh never tried this combination before. Gonna try it soon

    Ok..nee try cheythittu para..Both of you like okra,rt?


  5. ruchii said

    Hi Anita,
    Okra & cabbage…looks like a nice combination. Never tried this before, will do it soon…..Thanks

    Thanks Ruchi..Let me also know the result.


  6. vineela said

    Hi Annita,
    I am having okra so i will try this afterlongweekend.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Do tryt it out Vineela..I am also planning to try out your Stuffed Okra..


  7. Archana said

    Hi Annita,
    This is quite an interesting combination,never even thought about it before. After seeing your’s and Vineela’s yummy pic posts on Okra i am actually thinking about making an okra curry for the first time ( I do use it in sambar though ).

    Yeah..Ty it out..Okra won’t disappoint you..:))


  8. Reshmi Menon said


    Ok dear.try it out and lemme also know about it..Are you also in U.S?


  9. Reshmi Menon said

    Hi ANNITA,
    Do you know the recipe of boli?which is famous in trivandrum side?Ariyumengil samyam kittumbol onnu post cheyyamo?

    Hey..what a suggestion reshmi.?Even i was planning to ask my MIL for the recipe..I really wanted to try it out for my kid’s birthday.

    Undaakkiyittu sheriyaakuvaanenkil enthayalum post cheyyam..ketto…:)


  10. shilpa said

    Okra and cabbage? thats very new to me. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Shilpa.


  11. Rg said

    hmmmm….Quite interesting! Lemme try it out next time I buy Okra and will let you know the outcome….thanks Annita.

    Thanks Rg,Do try it out and let me know the result..BTW,have you tried chakka aviyal?


  12. RP said

    This is an interesting combination! Never tried before.

    Neat idea of bringing the malayalee food blogs together on the sidebar. How about the cake girl Archana? She seems to be a malayalee even though she doesn’t cook anything kerala style! So let her stay out of the group until she cooks some malayalee food and blog about it? LOL Just kidding Archana dear.;)

    Thanks again..I missed Archana too..How can we keep her away from malayalee group,RP?..Atleast its good that we have a talented baker with us,huh?


  13. RP said

    And here is more kerala food.

    Thanks RP,I’ll be adding Indiandoc also to the list..Donno how i missed her..:)


  14. Divya said

    Hi Annita,
    I tried your okra cabbage fry, It was a great hit. My husband and I enjoyed it verymuch.

    Wow!!I’m really happy to know that Divya..And many thanks for dropping by.


  15. Rg said

    Annita, Your vendakka cabbage fry looks so good, I wanted to try that combination out and I did try y/day for dinner but I screwed it up….I used very little oil and didn’t add water either. so It started sticking to the bottom even before adding okra and then I added little more oil and water and the rest you could imagine….Long story short, it didn’t turn out well for me. I’ll have to try it out again.

    Ooh..thats sad,Rg..It needs pretty much oil,i think..and you have to stir continuosly.And why did u add water?..Water will spoil this curry,as this is something like mezhukkupuratti..also okra will be more sticky if water is has to be fried in oil itself…Don’t worry!!.Next time u’ll surely get it..U might have used less oil for health purpose,rt?..:)


  16. Riniko said

    I tried this today. It was ok. But the combination was a good one. I had to add some cumin powder to make it more to my liking.

    Thanks Riniko..


  17. Aruna Nayak said

    Hi Annita,

    This unusual combo attracted me, tried it out, tasted good. Its a bit different taste than what we cook in konkani food. Didnt look like your picture, but taste is all that matters. Thanks for recipe.

  18. Smitha said

    Hi Annita,

    I just tried the recipe today. I really enjoyed it. It ‘s been a while since I saw a new posting. I really appreciate your work.

  19. Surya said

    Okra & cabbage. Never thought of this combination. Now I’m off to buy Okra. Will try today itself.

  20. roopa said

    meaning of okra?

    lady’s finger or vendakka

  21. maxy said

    Well he wasn’t going to win any awards for attractiveness, that’s for sure.

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