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Confessions In Group Of Five -Meme

Posted by Annita on June 23, 2006

Thank you Shammi for tagging me into this funny meme.Straight into the meme…

5 items in my freezer

1.  One gallon of Strawberry Swirled Vanilla Icecream
2.  Frozen Veggies and herbs
3.  2 lb Chicken breasts
4.  1 packet of Pepperidge farm Puff Pastry Sheets
5.  Ready to cook porottas

5 items in my closet

1.  My makeup kit and handbags
2.  Lots of hangers in various colors and sizes
3.  My hubby’s clothes on one side and mine on the other.
4.  Five big suitcases .This is actually taking half of my closet space
5.  A baby stroller

5 items in my car

1.  Lots of Cds and casettes of Indian(Malayalam,Tamil & Hindi) movie songs and Children’s songs
2.  Tissues and Wet wipes
3.  Story books for my kid
4.  Pen,Lip balm & Chewing gum
5.  Some pennies

5 items in my purse

1.  Credit Card
2.  Driving License
3.  My husband’s and my kid’s passport size photograph
4.  Cash and coins
5.  A Pen

And I would like to tag Nabeela of Trial and Error and Madhu of Ruchi to continue the play.

Posted by Annita

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