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Bamboo Puttu

Posted by Annita on June 23, 2006

See what I’ve found in my Amma’s Kitchen.I tasted Bamboo Puttu for the first time,and its heavenly and tempting aroma caught my mind.I can still feel its taste at the tip of my tongue.I had even decided to take it along with me,but unfortunately I couldn’t .My baggage limit exceeded and I had to throw out many things.Anyway i’ll be bringing it next time.’Bamboo Puttu ‘or ‘Kana Puttu’ is nothing but,’Puttu’ prepared in the bamboo mould.The natural flavour of Bamboo,Coconut Shells,Rice flour and Grated coconut complement each other to give such a divine taste.See the recipe for Puttu here.

Bamboo Mould
Bamboo Mould
This mould can be kept on a pressure cooker just liek other mould or ‘PuttuKutti’

Steaming Puttu
Bamboo mould fixed on a pessure cooker
Now the steamed Puttu can be taken out using a long bamboo stick ,which comes along with the mould.

Steamed Puttu
Pushing the Puttu from the mould

This steamed cooked breakfast dish when cooked in all natural containers make it more healthy and nutritious.

Posted by Annita

24 Responses to “Bamboo Puttu”

  1. lalitha said

    I want some of that puttu right now, makes me nostalgic, my mom used to use one of those. I have an aluminium one, I prefer the bamboo. Did u get that in India. Is it available in the U.S

  2. Puspha said

    OMG!!!! Lovely!!!!

  3. L.G said

    Oh! Wow! You could have brought this here instead of other things ;-))

  4. Annita,this is completely new to me,I have never heard of it.Nice you got the photos!

  5. ruchii said

    Hi Annita,
    First time here, pictures of bamboo puttu maker is awesome. I wish i could taste some.

  6. RP said

    I think I haven’t tasted puttu made using bamboo puttu maker. Shame on me!

  7. Archana said

    What a pity, i havn’t tasted it either. I have always heard people talking about that special taste.

  8. Archana said

    Annitae, njanum oru pavam malayali anne,ennekkude blogrollil appurathe kolathilekku valichiduuuuuuuu. Thank you

    Sorry Archana,That was quite a hell of missing from my side..Ippol thanne valichiottekkam…:))


  9. aparna said

    Me too never tasted… looks very tasty!! where do you find them..apart from Amma’s kitchen:)

    From Shynee’s comment only I understood that it is available in all Khadi shops in Kerala..:)


  10. vineela said

    Hi Annita,
    Nice puttu in authentic way.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Vineela.You are always kind to me.


  11. Shynee said

    Good post Annita!I wish I cd sneak out my mom’s bamboo puttu maker from home…Why dint I think about it when I dumped so many things from India into my suitcase…thanx for reminding!!

    Its too good to be missed,rt?


  12. Shynee said

    Those who are keen to get this Puttu maker can get it in the Kerala Khadi shops.

    Thanks Shynee..That was indeed a useful info for e too..My mom got it from a Khadi exhibition..I didn’t know it was available in all Khadi shops


  13. Archana said

    Well,Well, that’s a good girl. Thank you Annita…

    You are very much welcome,Archana


  14. Nandita said

    This looks so amazing and made out of rustic equipment has a taste and beauty of its own! Just i wonder, how does one clean the inside of the bamboo??
    Would love you to participate in my Weekend Breakfast Blogging with a culture-steeped recipe like this one. Details are on my site

    Sure Nanditha..I’ll try to take part in your brekfst blogging from next weekend onwards..And about the cleaning part,my amma was using a bottle cleaner for it..


  15. kavita said

    ‘Bamboo puttu’ is so ethnic…
    I always knew it had to be something like this being used in earlier times when steel ‘puttu kutties’ weren’t available…
    any guesses what might be used for giving the ‘cherta’ shape to ‘puttu’

    ‘Cherta’ puttu is traditionally prepared in a Cherta only,Kavitha..But now you can get aluminium moulds in the shape of Chiratta..
    Check this..


  16. Puttu and kadala – the best :-)

    Yes…u said it,Dhanya

  17. kavita said

    yup Annita I have one!
    I just love its shape…
    I do not know if you have tried making puttu with pwdered aval rather than rice powder.
    I tried it recently and have become a huge fan.
    It cooks faster than normal rice puttu.

    No,Kavitha…haven’t tried powdered aval..will surely try that sometime..
    Thank you very much for the info..

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  19. ansar ph said

    I like puttum kadelm

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  24. saiji said

    Bamboo puttu maker and chiratta puttu maker puttukutty available online from

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