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10 Things I miss of my mom’s cooking – Meme

Posted by Annita on June 21, 2006

This is my first ever meme..I've got tagged by many last time,but couldn't participate in it as i was quite busy at home..But this one,and if its especially about mom…No..I don't want to miss this.

I've been missing my mom a lot now,even after spending  2 months with her recently..It was really good to be at  home..getting up at 9 'o clock,and straight to the breakfast table asking.."Amma,Whats for breakfast today?".
and then it goes on and on…."Amma,Can you feed lil Milan something?"."Amma,can you please give him a bath too?"…And she patiently does all those things just like she used to do with us…

And about the 10 thing i miss most about my mom's cooking..

1. Palappam & Mutton Stew
2. Karimeen Pollichathu- a special family recipe.
3. Kappa Kuzhachathu & Meen Pattichathu
4. Porotta & Chilly Chicken
5. Idiappom & egg Roast
6. Rich Fruit Cake
7. Puttu & Parippu Curry
8. After school snacks especially Puttu Olarthiyathu
9. Special Beef Fry
10. Caramel custard Pudding

Thanks Sumitha and Priya for tagging me with this meme..It was fun doing it and i would like to tag Luv2Cook of Cooking Medley and Karthi of KitchenMate.And again if anybody else who wish to participate in the meme please consider yourself tagged.

8 Responses to “10 Things I miss of my mom’s cooking – Meme”

  1. ShyneeNair said

    I had tagged you for this Meme..and here you have it already posted!!…anyway the meme was a bit of nostalgia…wasnt it?

    Yes it was,Shynee..Thanks for tagging me


  2. Thanks Annita for participating,sorry I got your name last time,I went by the name of your blog deepann!

    Its ok Sumitha,Deepak is my husbands name…I've combine both of our names to create deepann…:))


  3. Reshmi Menon said

    Hi Ann,
    I was searching for a recipe in google and drooped'in to your site.Now here i am ,an ardent fan of your recipe's.Now You blog is my my favourites list.Well,Hope you had a nice time in india.No need to ask.right?:),i've already tried out your beans casserole(my 21 yr old just luv it!!),dahiwala baingan & bitterground mango curry , yummy….next thing im going to try is,kappa and mean curry. can't wait for that…By the way,your face seems soo familiar to me,I am also from kochi.Where have you did your schooling?

    Luv Reshmi.

    I did my schooling at St.Josephs Kalamassery..What about you?Glad to hear that u r from Kochi..:)


  4. rachel said

    I miss that custard too and I haven't even had it!

    I donno to prepare it either…have to give it a try once..You know this time i've brought some ingredients for caramel custard from India.


  5. LALITHA said

    your mother made a lot of nice dishes, i am sure u had a good time with your mother. thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Really it was a good time at home…Lalitha..missing it now…


  6. Puspha said

    Hey, tatz a delicious list of food. I hope tat u'll blog all of them.

    Btw, my blog's name is also a combo of hubby & my name. Same same hehehe :)

    Great minds always think alike,rt?


  7. sunitha said

    hi ur blog is amazing ,can u upload those recipes too ,reminds me of kerala.

    Most of them are already there in my blog,Sunitha..Thanks


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