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Leaving To India

Posted by Annita on March 31, 2006

My Family Home
Ente Tharavaadu

Today I’ll be leaving for a vaccation to India for 2 months.So I won’t be able to post on a regular basis,but i’ll try my level best to update whenever I get a chance.I’ll surely be reading all your messages and posts anyway.See you all in a few days.

Posted by Annita

26 Responses to “Leaving To India”

  1. priya said

    Oh gonna miss u and ur lovely recipes. And u have a good time back home. Ente tharavvadu means my home right ? ur home is beautiful.

  2. Sonali said

    Hey have fun ! Hope you enjoy a lot. Really envying you. Have a Safe trip & back.

  3. giniann said

    Have a great time? Two months? I am envious. Enjoy all the home cooking!

  4. avlokana said

    Happy journey and have fun.

  5. santhi said

    Have a wonderful vacation and I am hoping you will come back with many more authentic kerala recipes.

  6. We surely gonna miss you. Have a safe trip and come back to us with lots of recipes to share :)
    I love you home.. i miss my home…mmmm

  7. sarah said

    Bon voyage… enjoy..
    Sending tons of peace along

  8. Hai Annita,
    Happy and Safe Journey.

  9. Shalini said

    Have a beautiful trip!

  10. jishin said

    have a nice time back home :)

  11. Indira said

    What a lovely home to go back to!

    Annita…have a fantastic time!

  12. Sury said

    Here’s hoping you have a relaxing and memorable trip back home!

  13. Have a wonderful vacation. We will miss you!!

  14. sailaja said

    Have a great holiday,Annita.Your home is so beautiful.

  15. BDSN said

    Have fun Annita…Enjoy!!!!!!

  16. CyberRowdy said

    cool! enjoy….. we will miss your posts though..

  17. lakshmi said

    have a wonderful vacation Annita.
    me too, waiting for june to come, going for vacation.

  18. Puspha said

    2 months??? Wish I had that long of a holiday. Anyway, have a great vacation. Ur home looks very peaceful.

  19. RP said

    Wow! Lucky you! Hope you have a wonderful time in India. Looking forward to hear about your holidays.

  20. Annita said

    Thanks to all..I’ve reached India safely..Had a nice trip eventhough my kid was a bit fuzzy in between .The sad part is he got sick bcoz of the long journey & the severe heat here in Kochi..:)..I will be active in blogging as soon as my kid gets well..

  21. Answer this tag if you do update

    Thanks Tony.Will do it asap.


  22. reshma said

    Have a wonderful trip Annita!

    Thanks Reshma

  23. Hello Annita,

    Your recipes are too good. Keep it up. Thanks for your effort. BTW for your kind information Papaya is known as Omakka in Malayalam. I have seen you mentioned it as Kapalanga and given that is the Malayalam word. It is wrong, Kapalanga is only a slang using in Kottayam district and surrounded areas like Idukki etc. I understand in different parts of kerala it is know in different other names as well. But in true Malayalam it is Omakka. Please don’t twist Malayalam words based on slangs used in different parts of the land. No where in our books, news papers is mentioned as Kaplanga as a name for Papaya, it is only Omakka.

  24. Ashok Shetty said

    We will miss you. U have a nice home !!

    I'm still at home..Will be back by mid of june


  25. wentworth said

    i try to find something at and take it on your site…thanks

  26. babi said

    Nice trip ..when i see ur tharavadu photo ..i miss kerela a lot ..

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