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Kerala Aviyal

Posted by Annita on March 22, 2006

Aviyal – a traditional Kerala dish is practically a cooked salad ,with different veggies ,coconut, cumin and dressings like yogurt and coconut oil .This veggie cococoction plays a major role in Kerala sadyas too.Aviyal is a mild dish which goes well with rice and also very nutritious . The uniqueness of avial is that this tasty dish is usually made of all the leftover vegetables.

The traditional aviyal generally uses common vegetables in Kerala like Plantain(Ethakka),Elephant Yam(Chena),Long string beans(Achinga Payaru),Snake gourd(padavalenga),Cucumber(Vellarikka),DrumSticks(Muringakka) ,Raw Mango(Pacha maanga) and Carrots.In northern Kerala they even put Bitter Gourd(Paavakka) .
My recipe is a combined one from both my amma(Kottayam) and my mom-in-law(Trivandrum) with the veggies available here in U.S.And it goes like..

Green Plantain – 2
Frozen Cut Yams- 1 cup
Carrot – 1 big
Green Beans/Long String beans-3
Zucchini(Instead of cucumber)-1/2 cup
Potato -1/2 cup
Drumsticks -2
Green Chillies – 4
Indian Brinjal -1
Raw Mango -1 slice
Turmeric Powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt – as needed

Needed veggies
Needed veggies

For Grinding:-
Grated Coconut – 1 and 1/2 cup
Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Chopped Gralic -1 tsp
Pearl Onions(Kunjulli)- 3
Curry Leaves -1/2 sprig

For Garnishing:-
Curd – 2 tbsp(Optional)
Coconut Oil- 1 tbsp
Curry Leaves -1/2 sprig

Cut all the veggies lengthwise of 1 inch length .Put all the veggies(except raw mango ) into a cooking pan and add water upto 3/4th of the veggies.Add salt & turmeric into it and mix well.Close the lid and cook it on a medium heat stirring in between.When the veggies are half done add mango slice into it.(The veggies can also cook in a pressure cooker if you want.)Grind together coconut,cumin seeds,garlic,onions & curry leaves.Once the vegetables are cooked well,add the ground paste and cook for few minutes.(Do not overcook as it can get dried up quickly).Switch it off when its done and add curd and mix wel.Now garnish it with coconut oil and curry leaves.Close the lid and let the aroma spread into the curry.
(Note:-You don’t have to use the curd,if you feel the raw mango will give necessary sourness .I like the taste of curd in it,so I normally add both .Also you can substitute tamarind water with curd)

Kerala Aviyal

Posted by Annita

40 Responses to “Kerala Aviyal”

  1. Yummy recipe Annita. I am big fan of avial and already blogged about it couple of weeks back, though i didn’t brinjal(for the reason it gets cooked faster than other veggies and gets mushy:). Never heard of adding mango & cucumber, will try that next time.

    I liked that mushy taste of brinjal in Aviyal Karthi.I think noramally in Kerala also they don’t use brinjal..I’ve to check out ur aviyal too…


  2. Hi,
    MMMMMMMMM nice. Hot rice is not appearing near by.iam gonna try it soon.

    Thanks Vineela..U got to try it out..


  3. Sury said

    Wow, what a coincidence! I love aviyal and have been looking for a recipe to make it at home. Now, thanks to you, I can. Yay!

    Waiting to hear the result from u,Sury.. 


  4. Arjuna said

    Avial looks delicious. I haven’t seen anyone add mango to this dish before.

    I think thats Kerala style..both my mom and my mom-in-law add raw mango.(not the ripen one)



  5. sarah said

    I grind 3 green chillies along with the cocnut garlic and jeera!!

    My mom also put lots of chillies in it..I don’t put much as my kid will also be having it..

    I like the taste of chilli in avial..My mom-in law always add red chilli powder instead of fresh chillies.



  6. shammi said

    I’ve never made aviyal myself, but my mom makes it using tamarind. I dont really like it when sour curds or buttermilk is used – it makes the aviyal smell “off” :) One of these days I really gotta make aviyal…

    Yeah shammi..So many people used tamarind instead of curd..but that ‘ll give a different color,rt?


  7. yeah…people from EKM and onwards to thrissur side use Yoghurt for
    aviyal…but we in central travancore use
    tamarind…anyways…Aviyal…amma! ayyo! ethra naaalayi oru nalla
    aviyal kazhichittu? heheheh i will not come back to this site as I dont
    want to see all these yummy yummy mallu reciped and and be sad of not
    having it by my ammas hand!

    You can also do it..Its quite easy,rt?

    Ayyo..blogil varathe irikkalle…


  8. Anju said

    great recipe..even my mother adds raw mangoes to avial and i think the taste is much better with mangoes than with tamarind..

  9. J said

    Hi Annita.
    My mom makes aviyal and I like it very much. I tried out your recipe yesterday and it was so tasty… The addition of mango is a new thing to me – it tastes really nice in the aviyal
    Thanks for posting this recipe.

    Thanks J.I’m really happy to know that it turned out well for u.


  10. anoop said

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  11. Nair said

    Dried grated coconut (packet), brinjal, carrots, long beans, chillies and some spices…..these are all what I have in the North Pole. Hope my aviyal will come out as “aviyal”. Well, something is better than nothing. Anyway, Thanks for the recipe!

    Try it out Nair..and let me too know how it turned out.I haven’t tasted an Aviyal with soo less veggies..


  12. mini said

    Hi ,would you please let me know if the amount given would serve 4 people or 2 and how many times would i need to increase if the serving is for 8 people ,thnx for the recipe ,looks too gud !

    I think it would serve for 6-8 ppl ,Mini..

  13. Veena said

    i didn’t buy plantain and yam this week, can i make aviyal with all other veggies, pls reply soon

  14. vanita said

    today i am celebrating onam for the first time. I managed to cook most of the dishes , thanks to ur blog. i am a non malyalee married to a mallyalee .. so this is kind of special to me …

  15. Blossom said

    Hello Annita,

    I have a tiny doubt in the method of preparation of Aviyal, here. It is mentioned that tamarind water can be substituted with curd !!! I am guessing that you mentioned the other way around…that curd can be substituted by tamarind water, am i right ?


  16. Ramki said

    Hi Annita,

    I’ve blogged your Aviyal as a model recipe in the 1001 South Indian curry cookbook at

    /Thanks for the detailed recipe


  17. Ramki said

    Hi Annita,

    Have just blogged your Aviyal as a model recipe in the 1001 Aviyal cookbook at

    /Thanks for the recipe

  18. shibu said

    Hi Annita,
    Your recipe is good,realy appreciable.But i didn’t think so garlic is added in aviyal.

  19. Anandan Nair said

    that is cool annita,
    my wife Radha loves the dish so much that she prepares avial and ensures it last’s for atleast 3 days.
    It is complete veggie diet and i enjoy it with Chappatis,
    I wish some body could change its colour from light yelow to light brown,it could be named as Sabjiyon ka Tarkari.

  20. Cheriachen said

    My wife asked me to search for an aviyal recipe and I found yours. It looks good. Even before trying it out we knew this is the right one. I also liked the way you replied to the comments.

  21. […] She and I know that her resistance to Kerala food is futile. She will come begging for theeyal and aviyal very soon…buhahahaha… atleast I hope she will…will she? may be? All I know is I […]

  22. […] and I know that her resistance to Kerala food is futile. She will come begging for theeyal and aviyal very soon…buhahahaha… atleast I hope she will…will she…may be? I want my […]

  23. ramya said

    hi Anita…

    i too love avial.Often i use to mak.But i dont add brijal in it….we can add 1/2 or 1 tomato if required…

  24. Shane said

    Very tasty recipe Annita.
    I did with your recipe today. I like aviyal tooo much. and i didn’t use brinjal in avaiyal.Never heard of cucumber in aviyal,very tasty with curd ( little ). All the best. Keep it up.
    Shane, Kuwait

  25. Meera said

    Garlic in Avial? Blasphemy!

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  28. Deepa said

    Garlic, small onions and potatoes in avial.. And adding 3/4 th of water is the best part. It’s not avial, something else. Pachakkari kuzhambu perittal nannayirikkum..super nnokke comment idan kure potanmarum.. kollaam..

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  38. anithabalakumar said

    thanks for this receipe

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