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Posted by Annita on March 22, 2006

Some recipes could not be viewed properly in 800* 600 resolution.I’ll be fixing it soon.Sorry for the trouble.

11 Responses to “Oops!!Sorry…”

  1. RP said

    I can see them just fine.
    Hey, I have tried making the roses. Will post the picture today.

    I’m waiting to see your rose!!


  2. Priya said

    The page looks fine now…bfore the center section was narrox…and ur recipes for Manago pickle and jam got trimmed at the ends.

    I didn’t know that,Priya..Thanks for the info.


  3. priya,ar said


  4. BDSN said

    Hey I feel your blog looks problems like u said..BTW..I have added u to my sideblog …Chek it out..

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll,BDSN.. 


  5. Hai,
    U r site is perfect !

  6. D said

    Thanks Annita…waiting for U to correct it…:)

    Are you using an 800*600 resolution system?Just wanted to know if the problem is only for that one..And thanks for informing me about it.


  7. D said

    Thanks for replying,Anita. I can now see most of the recipes(from Sharja shake to the recent post) well. thanks for making the req corrections.

    I don’t use netscape. I’m using firefox.

    I’ve been correcting it..Some more to go..Will do it asap.


  8. roshan said

    This theme has that problem. I’ve tried this in another blog. I thinkj it’s because of the photos. If the size of the photos get bigger, they tend to overlap into the right sidebar. try to see what size phot fits in the 800*600 res. Use a standard size. It works perfectly in higher resolutions. But the majority view with the 800-600 res and you should not be displeasing them….

    Hi Roshan,

    At first from ur name i thought this was my sister..Her name is Rose and we call her Roshn at home..:)

    And thanks for the info was due to the size of the image only..I’ve been correcting the image sizes.Most of the posts are working perfect now.Only few are left.I’ll be doing it asap.



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    […]Oops!!Sorry… « My Treasure…My Pleasure[…]…

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