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Butter Shake

Posted by Annita on March 21, 2006

Long back,I’ve had a butter fruit shake from Mananchira Square,Calicut which is the Home of Shakes.The drink in its pale green color was just awesome and its flavour had forced me to visit the shake shop again on my next Calicut visit.But I couldn’t have it then,as the fruit was not available at that time.In fact,I didn’t get a chance to taste it after that ,eventhough I’ve made 3 or 4 attempts.I didn’t even know how does this butter fruit looked like.Anyway its divine & deadly taste still stays with me.(See a shake menu below..You can see butter shake in that..I got it from here.)

A Menu

Last week my friend Shuba suggested to try it with Avocado .She got this idea from Mahanandi(Avocado Chapati ),in which Indira had mentioned about Avocado as nature’s butter.Thanks to Indira & did work out with avocado and it tasted exactly the same..I missed it all these years…
But I still wonder whether they are using Avocado over there in Kerala,or is there some other fruit called butter fruit !!!!!!Hope to clarify my doubts during next visit.(Next time i’ll take a photograph of Avocado with me and clarify my doubts with the shake shop that he cannot disappoint me with his usual excuse – the non availability of fruit)
Back to the simple Avocado shake recipe:-

Avocado Sliced- 1/2
Chilled Milk -3/4 cup
Vanilla Essence – 1/2 tsp
Sugar – 2 tbsp
Water – 2 tbsp

Butter fruit
Avocado/Butter fruit
Blend together avocado,water,sugar and vanilla essence in a mixer to a smooth paste.Then add chilled milk into it and blend for 2 seconds..Serve immediately..

Butter shake
Butter Shake

Posted by Annita

44 Responses to “Butter Shake”

  1. Hey annita,
    Iam waiting to see what ur going to post.Today night iam going to make Aavacado shake .Iam having in fridge but thinking what to do with that.
    Nice idea .Thanks

    You’ll like it Vineela..Try it and let me know abt it


  2. Avocado is indeed the butter fruit. atleast in Sri Lanka, it is. So you are on the right track. :)


    Thanks for the info Mathy. Actually I haven’t seen it in India..


  3. AA said

    Yes Yes yes…Avacado is Butterfruit in India…my grandmother’s house had a tree!!

    Wow.thats cool..I’ll also try to get an avocado tree from here…Donno whether it’ll create some probs in customs..:))


  4. Annita: Amazin recipes with those darn fruits :) (I dont like fruits, not kidding buddy)
    I wanted to give a great deal of fruits to my little one and i am going to try your recipe one by one over a period of time :)

    Even i dont like fruits..But this butter shake is simply great..It tastes like vanilla icecream ..when u add some essence into it..But thank little one is soo much crazy abt fruits..:))


  5. Puspha said

    I have an avocado waiting for me to use it. I’m gonna whisk up ur recipe. Thanx Annita.

    Do try it out Pushpa,I’m sure you are gonna like it..


  6. Indira said

    Thanks for the mention, Annita. We also get avocados back in India, huh… I wasn’t aware of that before.
    Nice photo of the menu.
    SO how did this drink taste? More on the bland side or just superb? I’m curious.

    Even  I wasn’t sure abt it Indira..But the drink tastes just superb Indira..With a little vanilla tastes like icecream..


  7. RP said

    I didn’t know they have avocados in India! I always tell my mom about how good this milkshake tastes, and from my explanation of the fruit she could not figure out what I am talking about. Let me ask her about butterfruit then. Thanks

    Even I haven’t seen avocados in India..But i’ve had the butter shake and its quite tasty too


  8. polachan said

    dear annoose,

    you are really great. i tried the aviyal this time, turned out to be a killer. i should say that you have real kai punyam. Hope my wife does not hear this..


    You are making me bloat with your gentle words,Polachan..:))


  9. vidya said

    hey ….butter fruit is avocado……ive tasted in a juice shop in chennai…..
    was yummmmmm

    It tastes something like icecream shake,isn’t it?

  10. giniann said

    Hi Annita, I made this today for brunch. Delicious!
    I am thinking of adding some crushed cardamom next time for a more lassi like taste. Thanks for the recipe!!

    Yeah..that’ll be good too,Gini…I should also try that next time.

  11. naseeba said

    hi annita,
    no doubt…butter fruit is avocado itself.its available in my home town ,guruvayoor…n i have made butter shake at home …its yummy!well…..i had this shake frm a juice shop n was surprised ,which fruit it can be…n i made quite an invetigation about it.its just that they call avocado,butterfruit here

    Thanks for dropping by and for the info,naseeba

  12. janani said

    Hey Annita, lovely recipes, I do keep visiting ur blog often.

    Coming upto Butter Fruit, its available in Hill stations like Kodaikanal, and since I hail from this place, I have tasted it a lot many times. This fruit, almost looks a big raw mango, and when opened, from inside, it just resembles butter or cream, just add sugar to it and taste it, its heavenly… so I suppose the butter shake is made of this fruit, which is a seasonal fruit.

    Keep posting all such gud recipes

    I love avocados,janani..And i’ve tried it as you suggested..It tastes great..thanks for this

  13. sumitha said

    Annita in my uncles home in Bangalore they have this huge avocado tree and they dont know what to do with the avocados!It just goes a waste.After coming here to Switz I find them in the exotic fruits section and they are quite expensive too.I am going to send them this recipe.

    i wish i had an avocado tree..U know i love this fruit a lot,especially the shake..


  14. Kapil.V said

    Hey Annita, are you sure Avocado is butterfruit? does not mention avocado is cultivated in Inida.

    I’m not sure if Avocado is same as Butterfruit..But it surely tastes similar…And i’ve received many comments saying that it grows in India too..>Check out the comment section pls

  15. Rashmi said

    i just bought a butterfruit but don’t know whether it has to be pealed before slicing it. will u let me know that?

    Yes Rashmi,You have to peel it before using it…

  16. Anjan said

    Hi Anita..
    Avocado drink tastes bitter plz tell me wat to do

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  23. Pinnz said

    I tried the shake but it turned out to bitter !!! I had peeled it before using it ??

  24. radhika kamat said

    hi all,

    i was not knowing about this fruit. but recently we happened to visit Coorg (madkeri).. there our driver told about this fruit…we purchased the same.. got it cut… fruit flesh was just like butter … it contains a huge seed inside..tastes very nicely.. too have heard that this is available in Coorg…

  25. radhika kamat said

    hi all,

    i was not knowing about this fruit. but recently we happened to visit Coorg (madkeri).. there our driver told about this fruit…we purchased the same.. got it cut… fruit flesh was just like butter … it contains a huge seed inside..tastes very nicely..
    we made chutney of it ..yummmmmmy…

    You made chutney out of it???hmmm…thats cool…lemme try that out…
    Thanks for the info…

  26. nehal said

    can someone tell me where to buy this fruit in Ahmedabad? my 5 yr old son loves avocado very much, but so far i have no luck finding it in Ahmedabad. It is possible to get is parcled from south india?


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  28. Rashad said


    I have started drinking this great drink long long back and is still one of my favs. As I belong to Calicut, I can drink whenever I wish to, So lucky na.
    But presently I am in Saudi Arabia and luckily one day , My saudi fren took me to a Juice shop and gave Avocado Juice to me. I was surprised to taste it and was totally happy to drink the same Butter Shake.And the funniest part is that when I explained him about this and the availablity in my home country, he was so jealoues of me and always says me to get this friut from India. This is an amazing mix of fritu with Milk and a great drink.


    Yeah…i agree with you,Rasheed..U r so lucky to belong to calicut…its the home of the best shakes,I must say…not only shakes…one of the best places for a foodie,rt?

  29. Jack Hammer said

  30. Jack Hammer said

    Not only Tamil Nadu, but Karnataka, Maharashtra, Himachal and Arunachal as well as Sikkim, produces Avocados.

    Eat Avocados to get a wrinkle free face. Highest percentage of Collagen than any other fruit.

  31. sindhu said


    just now i made the avocado milk came out really good.

  32. Namitha said

    Butter fruit is green on the outside but i think Avacado is just a darker version. N butter fruit is from coorg basically is wat i found online :)
    I added lil vanilla ice cream to the scooped buttery fruit n bit elaichi powder n some sugar.
    Tasted ofcourse wow! :)

  33. Pradeep said

    Yes, Butter fruit is nothing but Avacado. We have a Butter fruit tree, in our house.
    Butter fruit (Avacado) when ripens becomes dark. This fruit will not have any taste but we get some buttery feeling when we taste it.This fruit is best for Kids to Adults.
    I just had a Butter Fruit juice…

  34. Pradeep said

  35. Pradeep said

  36. Bala said

    Butter fruit (Avocado) grows a lot in Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, India. I got initiated to the fruit there.

  37. Rg said

    I tried this delicious milk shake and my little one loves it. We love it even without vanilla essence. It’s so easy to make, no peeling required, just cut open, remove the seed and scoop out the flesh and blend it with milk and sugar …yummo!Thanks Annita for this wonderful recipe.

  38. Neema said

    Hi Anitta,

    Hope you are doing fine. I tried out this butter shake today and it just turned out to be awesome, thanks for the post and really ur doing a wonderful job.

    Neema, Quebec, Canada

  39. […] value,i’ve started including this fruit also in our  diet.So far i’ve tried avocado chappathi,milkshake,chutney and guacamole,and i’m still on the look out for more avocado recipes.I’ve also heard […]

  40. […] value,i’ve started including this fruit also in our  diet.So far i’ve tried avocado chappathi,milkshake,chutney and guacamole,and i’m still on the look out for more avocado recipes.I’ve also heard […]

  41. Prakash said

    Exactly….Even I liked these shake…After that I collected its seed and carefully seedplanted.Now a gud,healthy plant in front of office…vl see..

  42. Asking questions are in fact good thing if you
    are not understanding something entirely, except this post provides good understanding even.

  43. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through a few of the
    articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m certainly happy I
    came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking
    back often!

  44. Sowmya said

    Hi Anita,
    I am from Coorg and reside in Bangalore. For as long as memory has served, I remember butter fruit trees inhabiting my parents home and grandfathers estate. It can simply be whipped with some sugar and can give run to icecream on the best of days. You get them in Bangalore at supermarkets and during summers in fruit shops.

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