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Green Mango Pickle

Posted by Annita on March 20, 2006

Also I’ve bought a big fresh green mango on my weekend shopping,and I pickled it.This Mango Pickle ,a recipe from my mom-in-law is Deepu’s favorite of all the pickles.I am not sure whether you can call it a pickle,bcoz it doesn’t contain vinegar in it.They usually call it Mango Curry,but I call it pickle because of its appearence.As I’ve not used any preservatives or acid in this recipe, i cannot help you with its long term storage use .Normally I keep it in refrigerator and it’ll be over within a month.
Fresh Green Mango cut into small bite- sized pieces -1
Salt – as needed
Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder /Paprika- 3 tsp(If you are using normal red chilli powder use only 2 tsp)
Fenugreek powder – 1/2 tsp
Asafoetida -1/2 tsp
Gingelly oil (Nallenna)-1/2 cup
(Use any oil of your choice ,if you don’t have gingelly oil with you..I’ve used Corn oil in this recipe)
Mix together salt,red chilli powder and mango pieces well and keep aside for 1 hr.Then add fenugreek powder and asafoetida into it and mix well.

Cut Mangoes Pieces mixed with salt & chilly powder

Heat oil in a pan for 5 mts in medium heat.(Do not burn the oil) .When the oil is cooled, add it into mango pieces and again mix well.Bottle it and store in refrigerator.

Mango Pickle
Mango Pickle

Note:-Always store the pickle in a moisture free container and do not use any wet spoons inside pickle jar.Life of a pickle can be increased by this.

Posted by Annita

20 Responses to “Green Mango Pickle”

  1. Annita: Mango pickle looks deadly and makes me drool:)
    BTW: I did prepare mango thokku this week-end. Will blog about it sometime.
    Mango Jam looks cool buddy, tickles my teeth :)

    Thanks Karthi..and looking forward for your Mango Thokku..


  2. Hi Annita,
    I learnt from u only.First time i saw ur site i like the way u explained so i just given ur link as “kerala parota”
    courtesy recipe fore parota.
    i did it by seeing ur recipe.thanks for teaching me.

    I’m also really happy to see that ur porotta came real good ..

    Thanks for mentioning abt me in your blog.


  3. sarah said

    That sure looks yummy.. now it is so hard to find the green mango here There was a regular supply of green mango at the pasar near my home.. I miss home!!!

    Thanks Sarah


  4. Priya said

    Hi Annita,
    I love ur recipes…they look so authentic…and I cannot resist asking you where u live..I saw that u mentioned Jungle Jims..and theres just one of those stores in Cincinnati. I am at the University of Cincinnati..:-)

    Hi Priya,

    Me too staying near Cincinnati.Actually i’m in Kentucky,but 5 miles from Cincinnati..Good to hear that u r my neighbour.


  5. giniann said

    Hi Annita..I call this blog torture! So that is not kadukumanga? That looks lovely! I will try to get mangoes and whip that up.

    Thanks Gini..Its not Kadukumanga ..It has a different recipe i guess..Do try it out..Its quite simple.The only time consuming part is cutting the mango.


  6. Kay said

    Looks yummy! :)

    Thanks Kay 


  7. reshma said

    mouth watering!



  8. santhi said

    I want to eat that…….
    You made me drool all over Annita.
    Fresh mango pickle with hot rice laced with little ghee…
    one step closer to heaven.

    Thanks Shanthi…Its very easy to make..isn’t it?


  9. polachan said

    mrs annoose,

    this is a very nice recipe. i tried this for my darling, she liked it a lot. way you go.

    thanks a lot for your inputs,

    Thanks Polachan,I would love to help you in your needs..:))

    And in btw..who is that lucky darling????


  10. D said


    Y don’t U correct the appearace of ur blog?…not ble to read half the recipe as it’s hidden on the right…

    I cannot see anything wrong in my s/m and i’ve enquired some more ppl abt it..Everywhere it seems to be correct..Whats your resolution?And which page do you find it difficult to read?Pls let me know abt it..I wuld like to correct it,if thers really some problem.


  11. D said

    Thanks for the prompt reply…Except for the 2 new posts(beetroot chutney & avial), I have problem with all the other recipes… The resolution is 800*600…

    Yeah..the problem is due to the image size and i’ve corrected it for the new posts.The rest i’ll be doing soo..But it might take some time as i’ve to change the image size of each and every post..Sorry for the touble..I guess you are using Netscape..


  12. polachan said

    dear annoose,

    thanks for replying so soon. do you know how to prepare pathiri. my mother in law is very fond of this.

    thanks again,

    Thanks for reminding me about i can give it a try to my dear hubby..If it comes out gud,i’ll give u the recipe for sure..

    And u haven’t told me about ur wife?Where is she from?Just curious !!


  13. polachan said

    Dear Mrs. Annita,

    Well I ll tell u about my wife, her name is Maria i call her Mariyakutti, We live in Palarivattom, cochin. We dont hav kids at the moment, I'm working in a bank, U'll be wondering being a husband y i am so interested in Cooking and Cutlery, that's because my Mariyakutty cannot cook, she has been bed ridden for the past two years, it's a long story once were coming back from velankanny when car was hit by a paandi lorry, after that my Mariyakkutty never walked… :(, sorry annita i didnt want to really open up but it happened so, anyways pls sent me the recipe of pathiri my Mariakutty said she wants to have it and i cant keep her waiting, thank you for your recipies, frankly i see another Mrs. Mathew of Vanitha in you. keep up the good work god bless you,


    That was soo sad Polachan!!I'll surely sent that Pathiri recipe this week itself..My regards to Mariakutty….Everyone should follow your example in taking care of one's wife.Is your wife's official name Ananya tripatti?


  14. TinaM said

    I do not have a blog!! But I love pickles and i really need to make some at home. I have a bag of key limes and i wanted to know if there was any way i could make lime pickle without asafoetida? Please let me know if you have any ideas. thankyou, I really miss my amma’s pickles but here in CA its so hard to find a good indian grocery store too. I love your recipes and the links you have on your website, they are so helpful and tempting with all wonderful pics. Anyways, i’ll be checking in to see if you have any thoughts on my question.


    Hi Tina,
    I dont have a lime pickle recipe without asafoetida,at this moment..I’ll ask my mom about this and will surely be posting it my blog..
    I know u r having a bag of key limes with you and so I’ll give you indira’s recipe..It should be good…she’s a great cook,and as u said it doesn’t have asafoetida in it …Just follow the link :

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  17. Mia said

    Thanx Annita!
    I’ve been hunting for a good pickle recipe for such a long time
    I tried this one and it came out awesome!
    Didn’t want to comment on it till i tried it ;)

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