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Chiratta Puttu & Kadala Curry

Posted by Annita on March 17, 2006

Puttu-Kadala is Kerala’s all the time favourite breakfast and it occupies a vip position in Authentic Kerala Cuisine menu.This steam cooked rice cake, is a healthy alternative to modern junk foods .From the breakfast,Puttu has come a long way to be a round-the-clock favorite.It is indeed a nostalgic meal for us .

Puttu & Kadala Curry
Chiratta Puttu & Kadala Curry

Puttu can be prepared with ragi,wheat or almost any grains of your choice.But rice puttu is the most ancient and tastier one.Lots of innovative recipes related to Puttu is getting popular day by day. Puttu stuffed with vegetable,meat,fish,pulses or fruits(Jack fruit puttu is getting popular) are all now available.However it is ,a Malayalee will definitely fall for Puttu…especially when they are away from home.Puttu is becoming more fashionable now ,not only in taste but also in the outlook.Puttu made in authentic “Chiratta”(Coconut Shell) ,known as “Chiratta Puttu” has a unique flavour and appearence.Puttu is usually made in a mould called “Puttu Kutti “.A detailed description about Puttu can be viewed in Reshma’s Green Green Chutney.

Chiratta Puttu(Puttu in the shape of coconut shell)

I’ve got this mould for ‘Chiratta Puttu‘,which is of coconut shell shape ,and it comes with a lid.The mould has a small hole in the bottom through which steam can pass to the rice flour.This hole in the bottom has to be attached to a pressure cooker.(Note:-The pressure cooker weight should not be used).You can also use Iddli mould or a Fresh coconut shell to make Puttu.Traditional PuttuKutti is available in with free shipping.

Mould for ChirattaPuttu
Mould for Chiratta Puttu

Here goes the my recipe for ChirattaPuttu….

Rice Flour – 2 cups
(I normally use the Puttu Flour(“PuttuPodi”) made of roasted boiled rice ,which is available in Indian grocery stores.But you can make fine Puttu with plain rice flour also.In Kerala we used to grind the soaked rice and make fresh flour.)
Grated Coconut – 1 cup
Water – as needed (almost 1/2 a cup)
Salt – to taste.
Mix the salt in water and add it to the flour little by little.Mix well with hand.The mixing should be appropriate such that all the rice grains should be damp enough for steaming.The flour should not turn into a dough form,but has to be in a powdered form itself.The technique of Puttu lies in wetting this flour.

Flour for Puttu Wetting the Flour
Puttu Flour Water added to the flour.

Add half of the grated coconut into it and mix well.Now the flour is ready to use.Mixing jaggery with grated coconut is also popular in some parts of Kerala.

Now to fill the mould, first add 1 tsp of grated coconut into it .Now fill the mould with dampen rice flour and close the lid.

Damped flour Filling the mould
Damped Flour Filling the mould

Heat the pressure cooker after filling 2/3 rd of it with water .The mould can be fixed to the cooker,just after the steam is released .Now allow it to to cook in steam for 5-7 minutes.You can see steam coming out from the small holes on the lid of the Puttu maker.

Steaming Puttu

Detach the mould from the cooker and turn it over onto a serving dish.(Kitchen Note:-Always keep Puttu in an air tight container,otherwise it can become dry.Also Dried Puttu can be made fresh by microwaving it after sprinkling some water .)

Chiratta Puttu

See thephotograph of traditional PuttuKutti below.(I took this photo from here.)

Traditional PuttuKutti
Traditional Puttukutti

Posted by Annita

Kadala Curry
Puttu can be accompanied with any savories of your choice,but Kadala Curry is considered to be its better half.For a quick breakfast,we even have puttu with ripen bananas or steam cooked plantains.
And this is my mom-in-laws recipe and of course Deepu’s favorite…
Black ChickPeas (Kadala) – 1 cup
Sliced Onion – 1 medium
Sliced Green Chillies – 2
Sliced Tomato – 1/2
Ginger-Garlic Paste – 1 tbsp
Curry Leaves – a few
Grated coconut – 1 tbsp
Chopped Coriander Leaves – 1 tbsp
Red Chilly Powder – 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder – 1 and 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp
Mustard Seeds -1/2 tsp

Soaked ChickPeas Veggies Needed
ChickPeas soaked in water Veggies needed
Soak chickpeas overnight .Cook it in a pressure cooker adding enough water,salt ,green chillies,half of ginger-garlic paste and half of sliced onion.Heat little oil in a pan and add grated coconut into it.Fry till light brown and remove it from the pan and clean it well.Keep aside to cool.When it is cooled ,grind it along with 2 tsp of cooked chickpeas and coriander leaves.Again add oil into the same pan and add mustard seeds into it.When they pop,add the curry leaves and the rest of onion and ginger-garlic paste.Saute till the onion turn brown.Add all the maslas and tomato into it.Saute well.Add cooked chickpeas along with the water into the pan.Mix well and allow it to boil for 5 minutes.Just before switching off add ground mixture into the curry.Stir well and simmer it for 2 more minutes.Serve hot.

Kadala Curry

This goes well with Appam ,Idiappam or Puri as well.

Posted by Annita

59 Responses to “Chiratta Puttu & Kadala Curry”

  1. Vanitha said

    Hi Annita,
    This is a very good description of Puttu and Kadala. Nice descriptive photos too. You’ve got a nice blog going here. Keep up the good work..


    Thanks a lot Vanita.Happy to hear from u.


  2. sarah said

    My grandma used to make puttu that turns out to be slightly pink.. What flour to use.. I know it is certainly rice, but how did she get the pink colour?

  3. Ashwini said

    Wow, excelent description. I def want to try the kadala

  4. Kay said

    Annita, I’m not a malayalee… But still, This is my weakness! ;)

    What a wonderful writeup on puttu. I can never get tired of seeing puttu kadala pictures and recipes.

    This is a really wonderful and healthy breakfast Kay..Do try it out whenever you get a chance..


  5. Sonali said

    The curry looks yummy, Annita…I am sure it will go great with dosa too.

    I haven’t tried it with dosa..Sonali..It might go with it ,rt?


  6. Sonali said


  7. giniann said

    I didnt even know there was such a trick to make chiratta puttu or I would have gotten that when I went to Kerala.

    you should get it on your next visit Gini..


    • rekha said

      normally these chirattas are available in exhibitions of rural handicrafts and other similar articles. If you are thinking of visiting kerala during onam season you can buy it from the onam fair conducted in different parts of the state.

  8. reshma said

    Gosh! how adorable are those lil puttus:)

     Thanks Reshma


  9. Reshma said

    Excellent recipe my husband who is very fussy about food liked it too.Waiting to see more nadan recipes.Keep up the great work.


    Thanks Resham,I'll try to post Many Kerala recipes


  10. Ann said

    Hii there ….just chance to come upon this site looking for our homestyle veg puffs(& got it!!)Just had to say that this is the best visual site i’ve seen for authentic kerala cuisine…..keep up the good work!!i will surely be tryin out recipes from here…….thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

  11. Rg said

    I love Puttu & kadala combination very very much…My hubby, though a malayali like me, is not a big fan of puttu…infact he doesn’t like it at all…so after marriage I ‘ve had puttu only very few times….I’m so tempted by your wonderful puttu and kadala pictures that I’m going to make it for dinner today. thanks a lot Annita.

    Avasanam husband enne oodikkuvo Rg..:))


  12. gayathri said

    hi annita.. why garam masala powder not included in ingredients? not necessary?

    I normally prepare this without garam masala..just following my MIL’s recipe and its good without any garam masala powder,Gayatri..


  13. Ann said

    Hi annita,
    I am a regular visitor to ur blog and though i have not added many comments(i’m too busy coping and makin ur yummy recipes!),i just want to let u know what an inspiration u r and how good a job u r doing.I have actually tried most of ur vegetarian and breakfast dishes with fabulous results! Loved ur puffs,putu-kadala,kappa,egg roast,cherupayar …all of it really.As a person far away frm home and family (well,theres my own lil family here !),this site has been a huge help for me….even though it sometimes bugs the hell out of me that i am learning all this stuff frm a person who’s only a lil older than me!Just kidding ! :)
    keep up the good work & cheers to good food!

    Thanks a lot Ann..Your kind words are a real inspiration to me.Pls do visit my blog again ,and drop in ur comments.


  14. Ram and Gayathri said

    Hello Anita,

    Very good recipe for puttu kadala. Our mouth is watering.

    We are surprised how much you are able to do with your kid at hand. We both enjoy cooking too and one day we want to make this puttu kadala, but now we do not have the mold. So we will shelve our dreams for a little.

    Great job!!!

    Thanks a lot Ram and Gaytri…If you ‘re really interested in making this,follow this link from Inji’s blog,where she explains how to make puttu without a mpould.Try ity out and let me know how it turned out .

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  16. Nita said

    hey annita..I tried out the kadala curry..n it wuz really husband n i simply loved it:)we’d chiratta puttu n kadala 4 breakfast today..cant thank you enough for all the nice recipes you’ve put up here..keep up the good work:)

  17. kamalesh said

    Hi Annita,

    I used to take puttu with ripen banana and sugar spriknled on top, but never tried with curry. I would give a try and thanks for sharing such an excellent and tradtional receipe in this blog.



  18. radha said

    Can u give me recipes for curries to have puttu other kadala curry. your descrption of puttu and kadala curry are very mouth watering.

    Thank you Radha,You can have any spicy curries with puttu ,even stews or dals go well with puttu…

  19. sandeep.b said

    puttum katalyum my favourate combination . katala curry kushachu puttu atikunnathinte taste vere onninum illa.

  20. Uma Venkat said

    Hai Anita,

    Your receipe worked out well…Thanks!!!!…. keep up in this blog…..And post many more traditional recipies


  21. Jennifer said

    I made this recipe just now as we just got back from Kerala with the chirattu puttu maker! I adjusted some spices from yours but overall your descriptions and methods are right on the mark!!!
    Thank you!

    Thank you for letting me know abt it,Jennifer

  22. Abhisha Roshan said

    Dear Annita
    Though i have seen this particular blog so much times i never gave attention to this. Since i was born and brought up in kerala this puttu and kadala curry was common for my brkfst. But after coming to Dubai vth my hubbie i never had a chance to eat the same as brkfst. and i was yearning for tht. today i got the inspirartion seeing ur blog. thankzzzz yaar.

    Thank u for letting me know about it,Abhi…

  23. Abhisha Roshan said

    Hi Annita

    As i told u in my last comment, since i got inspiratn frm ur blog, this friday i made puttu n kadala curry – as per your recipe. And it turned out to be really wonderful!!! Even my hubbie admitted that, from whom it is really difficult to get a good comment being such a taste demanding person. Thanks Annita u made my day!!

    Thanks a lot for letting me know..
    You made my day,too…

  24. viji said

    Hi Anita,

    I love kerala foods and veg side dishes. I like your kerala breakfast puttu & chiratta puttu maker. I want to know that if you don’t mind where u brought that chiratta puttu mold. I like that maker. If you don’t mind can you tell me the shop and city name.

    Keep post new receips.

    Thanks Anita

    I bought it from Ernakulam,’s name is Varkeys…
    But i think it is available in most of the supermarkets or in the shops where you can buy metallic vessels…

  25. viji said


    can you post red pumkin erissery.

  26. ammu said

    excellent …and well described…gr8 going …

  27. […] Check Annita’s Puttu here. […]

  28. reshma2321 said

    it s soooooooo….tasty……..

  29. Deepa said

    Dear Anitta
    Saw ur recipe and i have bought the puttu podi from the store, but my doubht is should we use cold water or hot water for mixing the flour? Please do clarify
    Thanks in advance

    • rekha said

      You can use both warm and cold water for making puttu. Add some coconut scrapings to this water and squeeze well to make your puttu more tastier.

  30. parvathy said

    yummy kadala curry……. i just loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. seemasijo said

    mmmm….. soo tasty kadala curry

  32. Rajeena Rajan said

    anita ,so tasty kadala curry

  33. Shibani said

    This looks very tasty..I should try it someday :)

  34. Jennifer said

    I am coming back to your blog again! I have posted my version of this recipe here.

    I have a doubt.. many other blogs talk about how to create the puttu powder before steaming.. that part I am pretty good at. Now I realized after using white puttu powder (before I prefer brown rice puttu) and I am making the batter the same and steaming it the same amount of time. My husband (a malayalee) says that the end product should be soft, supple (a bit bloated) and when opened on the plate can crumble similarly to the batter.

    I have not seen many blogs talk about this end product, how it should look.
    What are your thoughts?

    Incidentally, you noted steaming 5-7 minutes. I usually steam about 15 min. for wheat puttu to get that desired out come as above. But today when I tried white rice puttu for the first time, 15 minutes was too less, 20 was better…


    • rekha said

      You do not have to steam your puttu for 15 minutes especially when you make a puttu using a chiratta or coconut shell. It will make it hard and less aromatic. Wheat puttu actually requires less steaming than rice puttu. If it is chiratta take out put from cooker in three to four minutes after the first steam appaers on the puttu. Too much steaming will ruin your dish.

  35. belga rose said

    to prepare wheat puttu, you vl hav to fry the wheat flour…. thz vl make it soft nd tasty

  36. Uma Sinu said

    Make chiratta puttu with wheat and cocunut scrap and have it with banana(palayankodan pazham)is one of the best combination of our kerala breakfast

  37. Sunil said


    I hv tried your kadala recipe with one variation, I have used coconut milk instead of the grated cocunut (Maggie cocunut powder mixed with water). it turned out to be super yummy… thanks for your superb recipe.

  38. Devi said

    Hi Anita,
    I am a Sri Lankan & puttu is my very favorite food which I used to eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner while growing up. Our combination is eggplant fries, omelette and vendaya kulambu. We also have fried fish or prawn curry with it. Another sweet combination is cocnut milk & sugar/ butter & sugar or bananas. I tried your kadalai curry with puttu yesterday ( I’m married to a Malayalee) for the first time & was it yummy! Will definitely make it again. Please, please let me know of a local source in the US where I can get the chirattai puttu maker. I do have the regular cylindrical one.

  39. Devi said

    We used to have kurakkan ( ragi flour/millet) puttu also. I just bought some flour over the weekend. Do I roast the ragi flour or steam it before mixing with water? Do I use cold water or hot?

  40. Susan Eapen said


    I am a 55 year old Malayalee in Kerala. The trick of making puttu lies in the correct mix of the flour and the correct amount of steaming.

    I like the trick of grinding coconut with a bit of cooked chick peas to thicken the curry

  41. Deepa said

    I made this puttu and kadala curry and loved it..i’ve put a picture in my blog…

  42. Hi Anitha,

    I tried this curry. It is so tasty and delicious. It is well go with Appam

  43. Champa said

    Where will we get this chiratta.

  44. Asha Praveen said

    The kadala curry turned out to be really yummy… Thanks so much.. :)

  45. Manoj said

    Nice recipe for puttu and kadala. this is very traditional and good taste. Thanks.

  46. Great site. Lots of helpful info here. I am sending it to some buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you for your effort!

  47. pappu said

    kashtammmm inganemmm kadalakkari vaykkamoooo……………………….

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  52. Suja said

    thanks Anita! you made my day easy :)

  53. Hi there to every one, for the reason that I am genuinely keen of reading this website’s post to be updated on a regular basis. It includes good data.

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