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Vazhuthanenga Theeyal

Posted by Annita on March 10, 2006

Yet another Kerala dish with strong flavours.It goes well with rice.Theeyal can be made with vegetables like baby shallots,bitter gourd,drumsticks,bottle guard,ridge gourd or zucchini.The procedure remains same for all.Prawns theeyal is also popular in some parts of Kerala.My recipe for Vazhuthananga Theeyal is as follows :-
Small Brinjals sliced into thin pieces- 5
Pearl Onions Sliced(Kunjulli) – 4
Grated Coconut-1/2 cup
Tamarind -small lemon sized
Red Chilly Powder – 1 tsp
Coriander Powder- 2 tsp
Cumin Powder -1/2 tsp
Pepper Powder -1/2 tsp
Turmeric Powder-1/4 tsp
Asafoetida(Kaayam)- a pinch
Fenugreek Powder(Uluvappodi)- a pinch
Mustard Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Curry Leaves – a few
Whole red chillies – 2
Salt – to taste
Oil – as needed

Brinjals Ingredients
Soak tamarind in 1/2 cup of warm water for 1/2 an hour.Discard the tamarind ball after squeezing it well .Keep the extract aside.Heat 1 tsp of oil in a small pan and saute coconut till light brown.Add chilly powder,coriander powder,cumin powder,pepper powder and turmeric powder and stir fry till it gives an aroma.Be sure to simmer it, thus preventing masalas from getting burned.Keep aside and cool.Grind it to a smooth fine paste.

Frying Coconut Mixture For Grinding
Heat 2 tbsp of oil and add mustard seeds,curry leaves and whole red chillies and allow it to splutter.Add shallots,asafoetida,salt and fenugreek powder into it .Stir well for a while.Then add brinjal pieces and saute for 4-5 minutes on a medium heat.Add tamarind extract into it and cook the brinjal pieces using it.If necessary add water.When the brinjal pieces are well done,add the ground paste into it and simmer for furthur 4-5 minutes.Serve hot with rice.

Vazhuthananga Theeyal ready to serve

Posted by Annita


22 Responses to “Vazhuthanenga Theeyal”

  1. Priya said

    looks yummy!! Now i can learn lots of kerala dishes, most of my friedns are mallu and the place were i come from is pretty close to kerala, so had to visit atleast once in 2 months, i love the food there. Especially parotta and kurma, fish curry MMMMMMM !! thanx for sharing the recipes and thankx for mentioning the malayalam names for ingredients.

    Thanks Priya,Even i’m very much fond of fish curry!!

    Where do you come from?


  2. Annita:
    I prepare theeyal too, but i dont add tamarind, moreover i grind the ingredients and mainly make with potato, to combine with appam or idiappam. In our cooking we use coconut quite often, since I come from Cumbum, Kerala border and most cooking seen is fusion of Tamilnadu and Kerala:) I am feeling happy to see all thse recipes coming, remembering my native place, Cumbum:)

    Your variation of Theeyal is completely new to me.Can you pls post it in your blog when you get time.


  3. Rg said

    I'm In U.S too. I used to cook Ok when I was In India then after marriage when I moved here, tried to experiment a lot as my husband's taste is quite different from mine and ended up losing all that I knew…I'm a terrible cook now….but after visiting your blog y/day, I'm having a slight hope of improving my traditional cooking skills. Let's see… thanks for sharing all your recipes here. Well that's abt me.

    I tried this recipe y/day ofcourse with more coconut than mentioned.. probably abt 1 cup of coconut. It's good. I never made theeyal quite good as this…all the credit goes to you…thanks for the detailed step by step instructions and for the pictures too…adipoli ayitondu… Keep such recipes coming….

    Thanks again.

    Where are you in U.S, Rg?And where in Kerala?

    And  Thanks for all your gentle words ..


  4. babu london said

    I tried its very nice

    Happy to hear that u liked it,babu.


  5. […] Theeyal which means ‘burnt dish’ is a typical kerala dish featuring burnt coconut,and is usually dark brown in color.It gets its color from browning of coconut and also from another ingredient, tamarind.In some parts of kerala,theeyal is included in a traditional sadya menu. I’ve already blogged about Eggplant Theeyal,but this one is my favorite among all Theeyals.But cleaning baby onions is very difficult and it is something which stops me to cook this dish often,it is quite time consuming and can water your eyes too. […]

  6. Vanita said


    My hubby is from Kerela and i am a sindhi , we recently got married ..and coming to US my only aim is to master some Kerela dishes… I have tried the beans/cabbage thoran-that was kool, the meen curry and today i tried the Brinjal Theeyal.. I want to Prepare a nice Onam meal for him,,, wud go thru ur blog n get some ideas…
    BTW the Brinajl theeyal was a success !! hubby was impressed :))

    I’m planning to post some sadya dishes before Onam.Donno whether i’ll be able to put all..Do check it out,Vanitha.And really happy to hear that it came out well for u..


  7. Praveena said

    Today i tried this recipe and it came out very well.I didn’t have the shallots with me. Inspite of it,i liked the taste. Does shallot make a difference to the taste ? I am discovering all the traditional recipes and their taste.

    Not much difference,but it’;l surely add the taste..Thanks for letting me know about it,Praveena

  8. fathima said

    hi annita,
    my name is fathima. i belong to kollam and now i’m in melbourne.
    i started cookin only after when i reached here. i got ur blogs frm my frnd in US. now i’m a regular visitor of ur recipes also i tried ur meen curry,bittergourd curry and vazhuthanenga theeyal everything cameout well. now i’m goin’ to try pavakka theeyal by replacing vazhuthanenga.
    thanks, thanku verymuch 4 ur recipes

    Nice to hear from you Fathima..Do visit my blog often..

  9. Smitha said

    Hi Annita…
    This site is very helpful… I have been trying one of your recipes almost everyday. The Chicken puffs was yummy.I have made vazhuthananga theeyal and vazhuthananga fry both turned out good.
    I never cooked when I was in kerala.I actually learned cooking from ur site.It is actualy great!!!Can u pls give me a recipe of masala dosa.Waiting for more and more great recipes.Thanks Annita.

  10. wow, kandittu vaayil vellam oorunnu, hihihi. annita, yr family members must be so lucky to have u. :)

  11. sherna said

    hi annitta,
    this site is really good..i simply like to look at ur recipes and the snaps…the snaps make them attractive and easy to imagine and avoid doubts..
    btw,im ur classmates jishins sister…my elder sister recommended this site and only then i came to know of all the food blogs and blogs at all!!
    where r u in US?im in texas.

    Hi Sherna…nice to hear from you…Jishin had told us that u r here in U.S…How life?Got settled?Are you going for his marriage?Do reply…ok
    Btw…i live in pittsburgh…Sorry for the late reply…

  12. sherna said

    hii..nice to hear from u…rt now im going to try ur chilly fish :)
    see you later
    and yes,im going bro’s hus sisters wedding is in the previous week.
    we r leaving next week..cant wait!

    Have fun,Sherna

  13. Preethy said

    Hai Annita,
    Made ulli theeyal sterday for the first time…came out real nice…:-)THANK YOU..My cousins came over and they loved it too…passed on your recipe to her aswell…
    Take care and keep posting…

  14. Neena said

    Hai Annita

    I made ur theeyal yesterday,and it came out really nice.thanks for the recipe.

  15. smh said

    we r going to try u r reciep hope it i will be good ,send more kerala meen recipe becaz i like kerala meen dish

  16. Shobha said

    Hi Annita,
    I tried this theeyal.Skipped the ‘small onion’ part, still it came out real good. :-)
    Thanks for the step-by-step procedure and picures.

  17. shailni arun said

    I tried this recipe and it was really delicious.I’ve never had such a wonderful theeyal before.Thanks to my treasure ay pleasure…

  18. Deepa said

    Annita..i tried the vazhuthananga theeyal..yum yum…I’ve put a picture in my blog..

  19. sadhana said

    Thanks so much! I was missing eating theeyal and your recipe made it possible for me to make it.

  20. devaraj said

    very nice curry

  21. […] some parts of kerala,theeyal is included in a traditional sadya menu. I’ve already blogged about Eggplant Theeyal,but this one is my favorite among all Theeyals.But cleaning baby onions is very difficult and it is […]

  22. Sona said

    I made it and liked.i would like to know measurement of one 200ml or 250ml.

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