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Kerala Porotta

Posted by Annita on February 20, 2006

An easy way of preaparing Kerala Porotta.Usually in restaurants and Thattukada(small hotels seen on the road side),they prepare porotta by beating the dough well.Instead of doing that excessive beating which need expertise,my aunt tried an alternative ,and to our surprise it came out quite well.Now in my family we prepare porotta quite often.Leelamma aunty is really an expert in this.Her porotta tastes great.After trying it out 3-4 times ,you can also be a master in it.

Ingredients for the dough :-

Maida – 2 cups
Luke warm Water – as needed to prepare the dough
Veg Oil/Dalda – 1 tbsp
Salt – to taste


Step 1:-
Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and knead the dough together thoroughly just like you prepare chappathi/roti dough.Keep it for 1 hr..covered with a wet muslin cloth.Also you can keep it in an air tight container.Otherise the top of the dough may become dry.
Step 2:-
Divide the dough into 10 equal portions of size a little less than tennis ball.
Step 3:-
Take a portion and apply some oil on it.
In a flat surface apply oil again and roll out the portion to the maximum .(Make it as thin as possible both length wise and width need to be worried about the shape..eventhough it breaks in between..its fine..Our objective is to make it as thin as possible..)You can use a rolling pin for this one also.We are doing this instead of the excessive beating required to prepare porotta.

Rolling the dough

Apply a little more oil over the rolled dough.

Applying oil over the rolled dough

Step 4:-
Using both hands make pleates on the rolled dough(just like saree pleates) starting from one end.(It’ll be more clear when you see the picture below.)


Making pleates

Step 5:-
Then holding at one end of the pleated dough ,rotate it just like a spiral.Keep aside.See the picture below.

Step 6:-
Repeat the above procedure for each portions and keep it aside.(Its not as difficult as you read the recipe)Again use wet muslin cloth to cover it or keep it in an air tight container.


Dough pleated and rotated into spirals

Step 7:-
Heat a sauce pan until medium hot.
Roll out each portion just like roti,but not soo thin.Porotta should be a medium thick.Remember do not apply any flour on it.You can apply some oil/ghee if you like.


Spiral shaped rolled out like a roti

Cook each roti with a little butter/ghee for 1 or 2 minutes,turning frequently ,until speckled brown and firm.Keep the cooked porotta in an aluminium foil or in air tight container.


Kerala Porotta

Step 8:-
When 3 or 4 porottas are done,place them in a flat surface and holding them between hands ,beat the hands together.(Just like clapping,but 3-4 porottas are between).do not beat them soo hard such as you break the porottas..:)
We are doing this,just to seperate the different layers.Remember this does not add anything to the taste..

Now tasty Kerala Porotta is ready to serve..Its a long process..isn’t it?But as i told you before its not that difficult ,but time consuming…

This goes well with any non-veg,Egg roast,Green Peas Masala….or any veg masala/Korma.
Yesterday we had porotta and Hot & Sour Egg Roast(Recipe in Traditional Kerala Dishes-Egg)

147 Responses to “Kerala Porotta”

  1. Vanitha said

    Excellent recipe. Simple too. Keep up the good work.

  2. Kerala Girl said

    Great post. Though the procedure is lengthy I will try this out and let you know the result. Btw, your blog is good. Simple and neat :-) Hoping to see more Kerala and good recipes soon.

  3. nisha said

    hi annita

    great recipes….will surely try some of them..keep up the good work


    Thanks Nisha.


  4. hi anita,
    thanks for ur recipe.
    i like parota very much
    always i will take the chapathi dough portion and roll like a small rope and press normally wth hands while doing chapathi.By this u can guess what iam trying to do.i have never seen the recipe of parota which u have given clearly in this blog
    thanks for ur great recipe.
    i did the same thng and it came very iam happy to mail u that coz u taught me a nice recipe.and go thru my blog also which i started recently
    hope to see and learn more recipes frm u …

    Hi Vineela,

    I’m really happy  to hear that it came out well for you.Even I’m very fond of porotta.

    I’ll surely go thru your blog.
    And Thanks for trying out the recipe.


  5. Tina said

    Hey Annita… Can I use wheat flour instead of maida.. Will they give the same results..

    I think the taste will differ slightly..Anyway I haven’t tried it with wheat flour..So I’m sorry Tina,I cannot help you with a proper answer.


    • preetha said


  6. sarah said

    The annai at the warung near my home would use a brush and apply oil on the rolled pastry before folding..This would ensure the layers to be more flaky

    Thanks Sarah..!That was indeed a good tip.


  7. sunita said

    great you could explain it to me soo clearly in pictures.
    i made it everybody in my family is crazy about the porotta
    thanks a lot

  8. Shilpi said

    Hi Annita,

    Thanks for the porotta recipe. My husband loves porotta. We usually eat the frozen ones but I will definately try this to impress my husband.


  9. Capt Amit Shetty said

    Dear Ma’am,
    This page ended my search for the recipe for the kerala paratha….or malabar paratha, as the frozen food packet said…
    Thank you so much
    My wife is going to be terribly impressed

  10. Prema said

    Hi Annita, This is fantastic. I have been waiting for a recipe like this. I prepared it and my family appreciated it. They are asking for more and more :-) It is as easy as making chapatis.


  11. Annita said

    Thanks Sunita and Prema,
    Glad to hear that your family appreciated it.

    Try it out Shilpi and Capt Amit,I’m waiting to know how it turned out in your kitchen.:)


  12. Dr Arun Isloor said

    Hi Anita

    Thank u very much for describing the preparation of Such a nice KERALA PAROTA. I am in Israel for my postdoctoral studies. Here we get a thing called MALAWA. We get the readymade dough (like Chapatis), then at home we can open the pack & can be fried on Tawa like Roti. Irt resembles taste of Kerala parota. So I was looking for making the same. Thanks again for giving such a simplified method. i will try it tomorrow.

    Dr Arun Isloor

    Hi Dr,Arun

    I'm also very happy to hear that you like my blog..Do let me know abt the result.

    Thanks again.


  13. xfg said


  14. shynee said

    I too make it exactly the same way…I had posted it long back…but forgot to take the step by step snaps…u have done a wonderful job by making the snaps tell the story!!

    I’ve seen your porotta photo Shynee..It looks good..BTW,i made ur pidi..and it tasted soo great…


  15. Biny said

    Hi Annita,

    Ur Recepie Blog is too good..
    I tried the Fish packet’s and my hubby luved it..

    I luv porotta’s and I tried the Kerala porotta recepie..
    I succeeded till making the dough to spiral form, but when i started to roll it out into paratta shape, it lost all the pleates and came as maida chapathi.. :-( ..
    Help me annoose ..

    Waiting to try out again soon…

    Pls do write some more of baby food recepies. Riya baby is a very bad eater.. and i want to try out something different and rich and that she would just have it …

    Bye dear

    Wow!!After a long time..Really happy to see ur comment,biny.And about making porottas,I also did the same for first time.Don’t worry about it..When you do pleates,make it a bit wide.No need to make soo many pleates,but make it wider.And do not press soo hard while you rolling..You’ll get it right..And don’t forget to slap it after cooking…

    Then howz riya kutti doing?Started talking a lot..Here just amma ,only..:))And i promise,i’ll be posting some kids menu soon..:)

    How was ur florida trip?

    Love Annita

  16. Annita said

    Hi Annita,

    I tried your porotta receipe one changed I made is I add a egg to it. It came out good. Even I got the layers. I am from Trivandrum, where porotta is common. I only eat porotta in my life for first time I made it and came good.

  17. Dr Arun Isloor said

    Hi Anita

    This Dr Arun Isloor here from Israel. I have tried the Keral Parota. It was very nice. Sorry for my delayed reply. It exactly resembles the taste of MALAWA (A kind of readly available Roti in Israel). Keep publishing such nice & simple type cookings.

  18. Sowram said

    Hi Anita,
    Your kerala parota looks yummy.My husband loves them I tried making them today.It came good till the pleates.After that when I tried rolling it again It was becoming elastic and was not able to make as big as you have shown in the picture.
    Any way I like all your veg dishes.I also recently started to write blogs,if interested check it out at

    I’ve visited your blog,and i found so many recipes to be tried out.Keep ut up Sowram.

    And about Porotta,as i’ve replied in a previous comment,make wide pleates.If you make it thin,the higher the probablity to get a smooth surface like chappathi.For  me also it didnt turn out well in the first attempt.I think I tried 3-4 times to perfect it.Even now it wont come as good as my aunt’s.hers is soo soft with lots of layers..but the recipe  and procedure remains same.You can master it only by trying trying and trying….:)


  19. Hi Anita..
    just tried my parata today.. came out very well… parata with veg kurma is our dinner tonight…
    thanks for the recipe.. they turned out awsome… not a single step haunted me put a stop to this parota project..
    Thanks anita…
    do check out my site
    Priya Dilip

    Thanks for letting me know about it,Priya

  20. Lusidvicel said

    Hello, i love! Let me in, please :)

    Thanks a lot,Lusidvicel

  21. rachel said

    what is the color of beauty?

  22. nandini said

    Hi Annitha,

    thanx for ur great recipe….i always kept away from trying parotta recipes becoz it all asked to add eggs…..when i saw ur eggless recipe i cudn’t get any overjoyed…
    i tried….not once but twice …’s really GREAT!!!
    my family loved it and ‘ve asked to make it once in every week… is all urs..

    Happy to know abt it,nandini..

  23. aishu said

    Hi Anitha,
    Thanks for ur recipe. It is really excellant. I have tried ur recipe and it came out well. My husband loves that and asking me to do again.Great job. Keeping posting rare recipes like this.

    Thank u once a Again

    I’m really happy to hear that,Aishu

  24. anitha said

    hi annita

    i am a regular visitor to your blog, though i am very lazy to try out anything because most of the cooking is done by my mil.

    today i have to say thanks to you because i was searching all the blogs for this particular reciepe because my son(5 yrs old)wanted to have porrota the way they make in restaurants. my mil and i tried our level best to do that and he was not at all happy. he always comments – “not bad”. i am sure i am going to try this out and impress my son. the step by step illustration is really helpful. thank you again.

    i also check your handicrafts section and scenic view. they are too good. you have a great blog.


    thanks a lot,Anitha..Pls let me know the result,once u try it..I’m also very eager to know that..

  25. anitha said

    hi annita,

    i tried it out yesterday, it came out well though the layers were not as good as i expected. may be i can improve with practice. but tasted really good and i could impress my little one and my husband too. he loved it. my son had porotta for all the three meals yesterday.

    thank you so much.

    i’m very happy to hear that,anitha..You’ll get the layers by practice only…Try it out again…and many thanks for letting me know about it

  26. jisha said

    hi annita ..

    i tried this one.and it comes out well.shape is not that much good.but taste is awsome.thanks a lot

    You’ll get the shape by practice only,jisha..I’ve tried it more than 10 times and even now sometimes i’ll mess it up..

  27. Lakshmi said

    Hi Annita,

    Thanks for your excellent receipe and this is the best ever recipe documentation i have ever seen. It came out real nice and it is receiving lot of appreciation. I am sure they all go to you.

    I have one question. Can you please tell me how much quantity of water we need to use for preparing the dough. Thanks in advance.


    Approximately 1/2 – 3/4 cup Lakshmi..Just enough to make it very soft and smooth..Thanks

  28. Binu said

    Excellent Recipe….Came out quite well….layers too…..Very good recipe, and the photos are very helpful..Keep it up. My wife loves these Parotta’s that I made..

    Thanks for letting me know about it,Binu

  29. Mamta said

    Hello Annita,

    Tried your recipe for the Kerala Porotta and it turned out great, all thanks to you. Great post. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks Mamta..I’m really happy to know that it turned well for you..

  30. ramsheela said

    Hay Annita
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful recipe …the way u have written the procedure is so simple and understandable by anybody….and ofcourse the pic was so useful 2..i tried this last week came out very well…we loved it…me gonna try it once more today….byee take care…once more buddy great recipe!!

    I’m so happy to know about it,ramsheela

  31. Rani said

    Hi Annita!
    The only reason I never made my husband’s favourite meal(porotta n beef fry) at home was the anticipated difficulty level and that I would have to make another meal for a newly turned vegetarian like me.Your recipe solved my problem. I made it for his birthday and the whole family enjoyed it.
    This happened a month back…and I am usually not the kind who writes back after trying out a recipe.But yours was an exception!
    Thankyou very much for taking the effort to make this recipe so clear and easy.Hope that with each comment you receive you are encouraged to do more of such recipes.

    Thank you very much Rani,for taking your time and letting me know abt it..Your comments are always our inspiration for posting more..

  32. mom2am said

    My Mom makes this parota the same way too,I’ve never tried it tho.Seeing it here,I am tempted tho.

  33. Madhavi said

    Hi Annita: Very nice recipe. The best recipe with the pictures for parata. Great! Will be trying it soon.

    Thank you,Madhavi

  34. Samiha said

    Hi Annita,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the excellent & simple porotta receipe. May God bless you. I am living in Canada & pregnant now. I was desperately wishing to have the kerala porotta and found your receipe on the internet. I tried it the very next moment and came out very well. My husband also loves porottas. We are so happy with your receipe. The next day I just tried with 1 cup of whole wheat atta and 1 cup of maida (instead of 2 cup maida), rest with all your method. It also turned out great.

    Thank you

    I’m so happy to hear that it came out good for u,Samiha..And i love that combination of atta & maida..never tried that…
    Thank u so much..

  35. Jeevan said

    Nice one… really thanks.. a precious info about porotta receipe….

  36. Cerine Dinu said

    Its a nice reciepe… easiest way to cook..Thank you for it is published in the wesites..

  37. Girija said

    ഞാനും ഈ ബ്ലോഗിന്റെ സ്ഥിരം സന്ദര്‍ശകയാണ്‌

    എനിക്ക്‌ ഈ ബ്ലോഗ്‌ വളരെ ഇഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടതാണ്‌. വളരെയധികം രുചിയുള്ള പാചകക്കുറിപ്പുകല്‍ ഇവിടെയുണ്ട്‌.

    ഞങ്ങള്‍ ഈയിടെ ഒരു “മലയാളം പാചകക്കുറിപ്പുകളുടെ” ഒരു വെബ്‌ സൈറ്റ്‌ തുടങ്ങി.

    സൗകര്യം പോലെ അവിടം സന്ദര്‍ശിക്കുക.

    ഞങ്ങളുടെ വിലാസം

    നിങ്ങള്‍ക്കിഷ്ടപ്പെട്ട വിഭവങ്ങളുമായി ഞങ്ങള്‍ അവിടെ കാത്തിരിക്കുന്നുണ്ട്‌

    വരുമല്ലോ ??…. ഞങ്ങള്‍ കാത്തിരിക്കും

  38. rekha said

    hello Anita,

    This is Rekha from Doha, Qatar.I am a regular visiter of ur blog but never gave any comment. Whenever I want some kerala dish the first thing that comes in my mind is anita blog. This time i saw keral parotha, and can’t stop myself thanking u , i like this thing very much and u showed the easiest way to make it. I will defnetly try this out.



    Thanks Rekha,Try it out and let me know how it turned out for u..

  39. nilan said

    whats ur mail anitha

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  41. jaya pai said

    thank you so much for the great parota recipe.. much appreciated,, the pics help a lot,, now i can make kottu parota,, i was looking desperately for this recipe,, atlast i found it,, i am very happy,, bye for now

  42. jaanu said

    hi anita
    fantastic blog.doing an excellent job.i tried ur parotha.i live in uk.i made it with plain flour.thinking plain flour is maida.i think i pressed it was more of maida chappathi but my husband liked it.should i buy selfraising flour.let me know.

    No,you can use all purpose flour,only..The technique lies in preparing the dough..
    You’ve to make it very very soft..
    Don’t worry…you’ll get it right next time..Practice makes perfect…

  43. Poroottaa ente priyappetta bhakshanam. Athu undaakkunna vidham ithra lalitham aayi, bhangi aayi paranju thanna Annita-cku oraayiram nadhi __/\__ :)

  44. nadhi allaa, nandhi. sorry. hihihi, ente oru manglish!

  45. Veena said

    tried and comes out pretty good,thanks Anitta

    Thanks for letting me know about it,Veena

  46. bharath said

    excellent work keep posting….

    Thank you Bharath

  47. prince said

    Is the all purpose flour available in the US same as the maida you mention or is it wheat based flour from Indian stores? Keep up the good work.

    Yes Prince,u can use the all purpose flour available in the U.S stores itself..

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  49. mocha1476 said

    I made this porrota last week. Came out great in the sense way above the previous versions. Wanted to thank you and hopefully after 10 attempts I can start a thattu kaada

  50. Srividhya said

    I made parota following your recipe. It turned out to be very good. A very simple and clear illustration. Thanks!

  51. Vinod said

    We tried it at home. It came out fabulous for a first timer.

    Thanks in ton!!!
    Vinod & Neelu

  52. thushara said

    this is the best protta recipe i ve ever seen…u ve done a graet job..thank u..

  53. Remya said

    i tried ur recipe..It came out well….
    Thanks a lot for the recipe…

  54. K.J.Sibichan said

    I always thought that the dough is to be allowed to ferment for smoothness. Some people add white of the egg for the purpose and a bit of fermentation agent. Will you consult a thattukadakkaran ?

    Your English is great.

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  57. smitha said

    hi annita,
    today i was just browsing the web for a kerala parota recipe,and found your recipe blog.I found lots of wonderful recipies ..thank you very much,and all the best for your fantastic work..

  58. murshi said

    Hai….Checheeee.I liked ur recipe veryyyyyyy muchhhhh.i will try ur recipe today.iam anxious to do soon .but a doupt. will keep the rotated dough that pleated more time? plse reply

  59. remya.sash said

    I tried ur version of porota,it came really well even at the first time itself.It was very tasty n easy to make. thanku

  60. roopa said

    Oh such a nice presentation annita:) And yes you have written all the steps in a very easy to understand way. I am actually a daily visitor of ur blog

  61. dinah said

    hi anita,
    your biriyani recipie looks great.. want to try this out…can i use butter instead of ghee?

  62. Rohit said

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. I tried your receipe and it was a SUCCESS !.

    I used to enjoy this paratha when I was studying in Pondy. Now finally I can enjoy the same paratha at my home. BTW did I forget to mention —– it is my wife who makes it. I just eat it :)

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  64. Sujitha said

    Thanks for this recipe. I tried this few times..i could not roll it at the end..maida was so elatic that it was coming back to small size after i take the roller off:( so was coming very hard and uncooked

  65. Anna said

    Wonderful recipe ,I tried this and came out nice.My husband love this one with calicut style fish curry(i took the recipie for fish curry frm shaheens blog).Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  66. jayashree said

    Dear Anita,
    My son wanted me to make parathas at home as the hotels use too much dalda and he is scared of fatty foods.Thanks for the receipe.

  67. roopa said

    hi annita, i tried this out, the steps really helped, but the parotas turned out very hard, though they puffed quiet well when i was cooking it. The shape and layers came out well though. Any tips on why it hardened? did i put too much oil?

  68. bambang said

    would you like to translate in indonesian language please? otherwise what the meaning maida in indonesian language? thanks

  69. Nandita said

    Bambang, Maida is refined flour- what you use for cakes , bread etc. Thank you , Anita. Great recipe, very well explained and presented, so even a layman can follow it.Nandita

  70. lol said

    insted of using roller use u r hand to spread the dough with u r hand

    spredd it and swing it (like using a fishing net)
    doing this the dough and the poratta will be nice and smooth
    aftr baking beat it from sides
    taste it
    “”” have u seen making of kabab rotti”””(why tthey swing it::::

  71. Ramki said

    Hi Annita,

    Have blogged your porotta as yet another model recipe in my One page cookbooks. Thanks again !

  72. maria said

    just wanted to know what model camera you are using?was palnning to buy one and i find yours to be giving good quality pics…

  73. Robinson said

    Wooowww.. We tried, Its working !!! We are bachilors from Dubai, tried to make kerala poratta, its fentastic alternative idea, today also we have porotta in the evning.. all are trying to be masters in making porotta..
    Thank you

  74. Bino said

    Thanx Annita,

    It was a distant dream for us. Now we know, will try it.

    Thnx for making it so simple.

    Bino Isaac

  75. Anitha said

    Hi Anita!!

    This is an excellent recipe….U r doing a really great job!! Tasty recipies! Excellent Presentation!! Keep up ur good work!!

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  77. deepa said

    PLz give ur kerala porotta video recipe

    will try to do that deepa

  78. Jennifer said

    I recently left Kerala after being there 2 months. Although it is a short time, my heart is there forever. My favorite bread was parotta–but we always bought this at hotels because we heard how hard it is to make.

    Thank you SO much for the recipe. My mother and I are having a little Indian dinner for her family while we show a movie of our trip. I made these and the first one didn’t even make it to the final “hit 3-4 together” step. Ha! It was SO good.

    The only problem I had was getting the spirals to stay when I rolled them out. The first one I did I combined 2 of the 10 balls because they looked so small. This was the best one. For some reason the spirals stayed also–maybe because it was thicker? The other ones look more like chapattis but are still SO yummy.

    My suggestions would be to combine 2 of the 10 together. If you have a secret to keeping the spirals (like your picture) let me know.

    Thank you!

    I dont have any secrets Jennifer…its just the practice….
    you can combine 2…if it works for u…:)))
    Anyway happy to hear that u liked it…And thanks for letting me know…

  79. Rahul R said

    Hi Annita,
    Thank you very much for this WONDERFUL idea of “home made kerala porotta”!
    For the past few years i ve been searching for this.
    First of all, i dont take egg and all the recepies had egg as an integral part.
    Secondly, the way they prepare it, i felt some “professional training” is reqd :-)
    Thanks to your idea, .these 2 issues got addressed here, and it came out so nice in the first attempt itself.
    My wife Remya was also surprised and so happy that without any side dish she finished almost half of it!
    Thank you once again for this GREAT idea…..

  80. Kathy said

    This really reminds me a lot of a special bread we had in Morocco called rghaif, prepared much the same way.
    I love Kerala cooking. I bought a lovely cookbook called “Curry Leaves & Mangoes” about Southern Indian cooking and every recipe has turned out great.

    Thank you very much,Kathi.I’ve also heard about that book..I’m planning to buy one soon.

  81. Sangeetha said

    Hello Annita

    Your description of how to make Kerela Paratha is very well put . Thanks alot.

  82. Beenu said


    The process is simple but I have seen that eggs are also mixed with the dough to make it soft.


    Ooh…Is it??Thats new to me,Beenu..I’ll be surely trying that next time..
    Thank you for the tip…

  83. meettu said

    Hi annita,

    I happened to go through your recipe for kerala paratha.
    Your demo is superb.
    I tried out the recipe and the pictures helped me a lot.
    I got the spirals right,but my paratha wasn’t very soft.

    Also I went through all your link.The cake decoration you have done is very beautiful.I loved the elmo cake that you’ve made..
    Can you give some pictures taken at different stages of frosting the elmo’s face???

    I love baking cakes.I havn’t tried out frosting them.Mainly because I dont have the utensils for the same.Do you know any shop in kochi that sells these stuff????


    I’m sorry,Meethu…I didn’t take any pictures of trhe stages..And i dont know any shops in kochi…but thers a whole sale shop near shenoysswhere you can get all the baking can just check with that shop ,they might be able to help you…if you want i can get the name of that shop from my mom…

  84. veeenajan said

    HI da ..
    i must try this paratha ..Will let u knw the result..:)

  85. meettu said

    Hi Annita,

    Is it the Cookie shop you are taking about????
    If not could you please collect the name of the shop so that I can just go there and check with them.
    Its so difficult to get heavy cream here.I have checked with most of the supermarkets .
    They will have cream for one day and the next day its gone….


    Its not the cookie shop…I can find it out for you…And the heavy cream also is available in cans…I forgot the brand name…I’ll find that also for you,ok…

  86. meettu said

    Thanks a lot Annita…

    Meetu,sorry for the delay…
    The shops name is ‘Stanes’…its close to the Padma theatre
    And the milk cream is available in cans ,the company name is ‘Ajantha’..
    You can just ask for ‘Ajantha cream’…I think most super markets will have it…Hope this helps

  87. femina said

    Dear anita,
    i have done ur parotha it come very nice,an simple way of preparation ur other receipes also very nice.


  88. teena said

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    Thank you Teena

  89. tess said

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    Thanks for letting me know about it,tess..And thanks for visiting my blog

  90. Vinod David said

    Ate a lot of parottas while in Kerala/T.Nadu but missed them in USA. Tried store made frozen Malabar Parottas. Were good but trifle expensive for a parotta addict like me! Tried your recipe…Great!!!
    Psst.. I tried brushing layers with oil before pleating the thin spread out dough as suggested by a reader…added an extra oomph! Thanks to your post, I’m my wife’s favorite cook once more.

    Thank you Vinod,I’m happy to hear that it came out good for you too..

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    Thanks a lot…..
    Will surely check out the shop ds weekend…

    take care


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    Nice illustration of the recipe. Congratulations for the beautiful contents your site. I’ve been trying many recipes of Parotta (different measures, different methods), never got the sensation of relishing the parottas of India, but from the time I tried your recipe, I stopped searching the web for the recipe, as I’ve got the perfect recipe from your site. Thanks for this contribution and keep it up!

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  94. Akal said

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    I’ve been searching for the perfect parotta recipe, and ever since I tried your recipe, I stopped searching the recipe. You have beautifully demonstrated it and the parottas come out perfectly. Moreover, I’ve tried out and pointed out your recipe in my blog. Thank you very much for this contribution.

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    Hi Annita

    It was perfect. Your photos helped in many ways. I had promised my wife that I would make KPs for lunch on saturday and this worked out very well. Everyone liked it.

    We also tried the Malabar Chicken Biriyani and that too came out very well. Thank you for sharing it with us.. Will look forward to your blogs…

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    you have nan (Rotty) recipe ???????? pls. post it

  99. Reena said

    hi Annita:
    your parotta is very good and tasty tastes like Kerala restaurantes parotas.


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    I have always heard that Kerala Parottas are extremely difficult to make at home.
    Thanks to your blog.
    You have described everything in a simple manner and it looks so easy.
    I am definitely going to try this one.

    Do visit my website !

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  104. sabi said

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    Instead of maida ,we can use Atta also.It also tastes good.

  105. Gopalakrishnan K said

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    Thanks a lot for the recipe. It helped me a lot to learn. The efforts you have taken for illustration is very much appreciated.

    Thank uou, Warm regards

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    Thank you.


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  110. Arun said

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  111. jyotsna said

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  116. George said

    I have gone through the recipes of Malabar Biriyani and Malabar Porotta.

    I believe that non-Malabari cooks cannot replicate the Malabar Biriyani and Porotta.

    In order to make Malabar biriyani, the Malabar cooks use biriyani rice, not basmati rice.

    Likewise, in order to make porotta, Malabar cooks do not use milk and eggs like their counterparts in Kochi/Travancore area. Malabar porottas are made by rolling together thin threads of dough and flattening the dough, whereas, the porottas that found in Kochi/Travancore area are made as Anitta wrote.

    In Kozhikode, the Paragon restaurant is more famous for biriyani than Sagar restaurants (two) on Mavoor road. Hoewver, I like the biriyani of Kovilakam hotel’s restaurant and Calicut Tower’s restaurant, which also specializes in Kadai Mutton Biriyani (made in small earthen ports). Sagar restaurant is famous for “nei chor” (ghee rice), golden-colored fried chicken and karimeen, porotta, etc., than its biriyani.

    In order to prepare Moru Kaachiyathu, grind green chilli or the small and hot green chilli (Kaanthaari Mulaku), instead of using red chilli powder. It is more tastier and colorful in appearance and is common in Kottayam and other southern town in Kerala (among the Christians).

    Likewise noawdays, some cooks encourage using chilli powder in Aviyal, instead of using green chilli.

  117. rashy said

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    Iam Rashy from Dammam.I like poratta,tried before,but failed.I succeed with your thanks alot

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    Thanks a lot

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    I used most of your suggestions, but to prepare the doughs I use a different recipe that suggested adding an egg, a little bit of sugar, a little bit of cooking soda. The other recipe suggested adding milk and little bit of oil to knead the ingredients.

    Thanks Again.

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  126. Thank you so much for providing this recipie with the photos. I was searching the method to prepare this porotta, whenever I ate one! I used to assume and try to make porottas but usually got thick chappathis instead of porottas!! Surely can give it another try now, really thankful to you.

  127. Vinitha said

    nice…im going to try today

  128. The Fairy said

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    Thanks for the details.
    Ebin Varghese,Kerala,India

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    really its vry short technic to prepare kerala parotha,tdy i will try anti

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