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Parippu Curry(Naadan Katti parippu)

Posted by Annita on February 16, 2006

This is a typical Kerala dish made with Moong Dal(Cherupayaru parippu in Malayalam).I think this is more popular in Trivandrum area ,thats my husband’ place .Red rice, ghee and this parippu curry is considered to be the first main course in a traditional Sadya. As Deepu is very fond this one,I prepare it quite often ..(mostly on weekends,thats when we take rice..and in weekdays its chappathi,appam,idiappom.. something like that which is not heavy).Actually he takes dal only when it is prepared in this way..Just after marriage I tried different recipes of this one and it was always flop.Finally I learned it from Deepu’s Valiyamma,who prepares this in typical Trivandrum style.Here goes her recipe of Katti parippu.It goes well with boiled red rice(Kerala rice) & ghee.

Moong Dal – 3 cups
Grated Coconut -1 cup
Green Chillies – 3
Garlic – 3 flakes
Cumin Seeds -1/2 tsp
Curry leaves -A few
Turmeric – 1/2 tsp
Pepper Powder -1 tbsp
Pearl Onion chopped -1
Mustard seeds -1 tsp
Red chillies -2(broken into two)
Coconut Oil(This will add a special Kerala flavour to our dishes.But too much usage of coconut oil is not good for health.So use any oil of your choice,I normally use Canola Oil)
Salt -to taste

Cook dal in a pressure cooker by adding necessary water and salt into it. Mash it well by adding more water if necessary. Grind coconut,green chillies,cumin seeds,half of curry leaves,turmeric powder and garlic to a paste. Add this to the mashed dal and simmer for 1 minutes.Now add pepper powder and cook for 5 more minutes stirring in between,otherwise it can stick to the cooker as the curry is quite thick. Remove from the burner and transfer it into a serving dish.Some people like it to be watery.So you can add more water if you need .Finally heat coconut oil in a small pan and add mustard seed and when they crackle add redchillies,chopped onion and curry leaves.. Saute till the onions turn brown. Pour it over the curry and serve hot.

Naadan Katti Parippu


30 Responses to “Parippu Curry(Naadan Katti parippu)”

  1. Sheeba J said

    Hi dear,

    I saw ur site today and am quite impressed with all ur traditional kerala recipes great sight but in this recipe u have told using coconut oil is not good for health, i dont think so, all our ancestors used to cook in coconut oil(they used both externally and internally) and they never suffered from health diseases like wat we have today and onemore thing, so from fact we know nothing is seriously wrong with coconut oil, they told almost samething about nonstick cookware(where many people replaced their iron kadai) now we know the coating is more dangerous then the oil. but it all takes time for scince to prove. Many of the things have pizza effect in our country.(pizza effect: initially pizza was not liked much in italy where it originated only when americans loved it, it became famous)


    Hi Sheeba.

    You might be right.I've just mentioned what i've heard from my mom…:)

    And thanks for visitng my blog..


    • Bijesh said


      Ithil kurachu urula kizhangum thakkaliyum ittal adipoli aayirikkum…

    • Honey said

      Hi Annita, thx for sharing. i never heard about this curry. i will try this tonite. once again thx for the recipe.

      athu pola aviyal undakkunnathu engina ennu onnu post cheyyumo annita.

    • Shilpa said

      The Fact about the health effect of coconut oil is true , that is the reason why our traditional preparations with it are in such a way that drops will e sprinkled on the curry after the complete cooking . Coconut oil is unhealthy only when it is cooked.

  2. Reshma said

    Could u please tell me which is moong dal is it the yellowish colour and looks like urad dal?Can this be prepared with toor dal also?

    Yes Reshma,What u've mentioned is right..Moong dal is small yellow colored dal.In Malayalam it is "Cherupayaru Parippu".View the link

    You can try it out with Toor Dal,Even I used to prepare it with toor dal before,But it won't give the proper taste..Toor dal has a different flavour.Hope this helps


  3. Ammu said

    we in kottayam make parippu more or less the same way..but we dont add mustard in parippu…in sadyas too they dont serve parippu with mustard…i will try this and see :)
    thanks annita..all ur recipes are really really good..

    Thanks for your gentle words Ammu.


  4. neethu said

    Dear Anitha,
    I found your site to be very exciting. Regarding parippu curry , my mom makes it with cherupayar,the one with green skin on it. After cleaning it she used to fry that a bit and grind(Dry) it to half , later pressure cooking it.The rest of the procedure is same.Try this. I found cumin seeds in the plate ,but couldnt find that in the instuctions.
    Good work Ani, keep it up.

    I haven't heard of such a curry with CheruPayar Neethu.It seems new to me..I'll be trying it out soon..and will let u know how it turned out for me.

    And thanks for mentioning about the cumin seeds.I've forgotten to mention that in the ingredients..Now i've added it..Good sharp eyes,huh..!!!

    Thanks again


  5. Rg said

    annita, I’ll be trying this soon as adding coconut to parippu curry is something new to me. thanks for sharing.

    Meanwhile, though I’m no expert in the kitchen dept, I would like to share my moongdal recipe that I always make for chappathi….Here it is: cook Moong dal with turmeric powder and salt,half way thro’ cooking add Green chillies(slit) and tomato coarsely chopped(as in sambaar), also add thinly sliced garlic(sauteed) and thin julienes of very little ginger( sauteed along with garlic. ginger is totally optional). finally pop mustard seeds in oil and to that add chopped red onions or shallots and saute them till onion turns brown and add these tadka to the curry. Remove from the stove and garnish it with little more than handful of finely chopped cilantro(more is better. it’s a good partner for this curry more than our curry leaves, I guess). We normally have this with chappathi or rice. Try it out when you could and lemme know, if possible.:)

    Yeah..I’ll definitely try it out Rg.My husband likes moong dal only.Will surely let u know about it.Thanks for the recipe.


  6. Rach said

    Hi Annita,

    I was loking for a parippu curry recipe & I found this one.Infact I did try making your recipe.Amongst the ingredients you have listed pepper powder but in the method you haven’t mentioned anything about it.Do you really use pepper powder in parippu curry? Anyway I omiitted the pepper.Do you use it ?It has come out well.I feel grinding curry leaves has given a nice flavour to the curry.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  7. rathi said

    hi Annita,
    wonderful dishes with good pictures.tried your katti parippu today.i ‘ve a doubt.when to add pepper powder?.can you suggest what kind of varietes to be served for a proper kerala style lunch?.i ‘ve planned for a lunch for our friends and wished to serve them in a kerala style.pls. tell me frm. starter to dessert. thankyou.

    Hi Rathi,
    Thanks for mentioning about that pepper powder..actually i’ve missed it in the post.You can add pepper powder after adding the ground mixture.
    And about the lunch…there’s not any specific type of kerala style lunch , can vary from place to place ..either you can go for a vegetarian sadya,or biriyani/ghee rice etc ,or a course(1,2,3 or 4) menu.But we can call Kerala Sadya to be a proper kerala style lunch .

    But this also varies from place to place..I’m giving you my version of a sadya menu

    Starters :
    Sharakara Upperi
    Plantain Chips

    Main Course:

    parippu curry(course 1)
    Sambar(course 2)

    Koottu curry
    Inji curry/Puli Inji
    Cucumber Khichadi/Paavakka Khichadi/Vendakka Khichadi
    Pineapple Pachadi
    Beetroot Pachadi

    Desserts :
    Ada prathaman(optional)
    Parippu payasam (optional)

    sadya is also served in different courses..
    For course 1 rice is served with Parippu curry,then course 2 with sambar …then payasams are served..(course 3)
    After that again rice is served,but with kaalan(course 4)…and for course 5,rice is again served with rasam or pacha moru..this part is done for the proper digestion after a heavy feast.

    Again if you are non-veg lovers ,
    Here’s an elaborated non-veg 3 course menu…You can reduce it according to your style..
    It consists of any welcome drink with appetizers
    You can serve different salads too
    Course 1 :
    Appam/Idiappam/Bread with Fish Molly/Stew(Chicken,Mutton,Veg…)
    Course 2:
    Chicken/Pork roast -this goes with the above appam/bread etc
    Cutlet with salad,ketchup
    Course 3:
    Cabbage Thoran
    Beef Fry
    Red Fish curry

    Dessert :
    Any pudding/Ice cream

    Hope this helps…

  8. rathi said

    hi annita, a biggggggggg….thankyou….for explaining so i ‘ve got a clear idea.thankyou.

    You’re always welcome Rathi..

  9. Lekshmi said

    I just made parippu and it tastes good

  10. […] You can go the whole nine yards with coconut, garlic, shallots, curry leaves with a mustard tempering. Toor dal may be substituted for mung. A drizzle of coconut oil on the top gives a new flavour dimension. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to cook parippu. It all depends on personal preference. […]

  11. Shalini said


    This was a lovely curry.. I had tried it without the onions and using toor dal instead of Moong dal.. This came out lovely, and had a diff flavor altogether! Loved preparing and eating this.

    Also, thanks for the sadhya menu! I’ll save it to my recipe book.. I am not from Kerala, but my Hubby is. And I love cooking for him. I like to see the twinkle in his eyes when he feels that I have made a good Kerala dish :) But my only problem is that I really can’t decide and make out which upperri-curry-rice-extras combination would work! The Sadhya menu should take care for the next few meals..
    If you have any suggestions, can you pls let me know? (Based absolutely on your convinience)

    Once again! Thanks for this yummy simple curry!


    Hi Shalini,
    thank you very much for your kind words..And welcome to my blog..
    You dont have to worry much about the combinations.What i usually prepare for rice is a curry(with gravy),a thoran/upperi(which has grated coconut in it), and any stir fry(we call it mezhukkuvaratti/olathu).For a change u can substitute thoran/stir fry with pachadi,kichadi,aviyal ,inji curry etc..Or u can prepare those as extras along with the basic curry-thoran-olathu. In some families they follow some kind of combinations..My amma always prepare moru curry & cabbage thoran together..Also I’ve heard her saying that aviyal and okra gravy dont go together..Anyway ther’s no clear cut rules,it all depends on your choice & time.Thanks for the comment once again.

  12. RI0207 said

    Hi Annita

    Great Blog…. Excellent collections…

    The parippu curry measurements mentiones is for roughly how many ppls ?

    May be for 5-6 ppl.,Suja

  13. RI0207 said

    Hi Annita

    Also let me know 1 cup prippu need to cook with how much water in the cooker(bef making it to the consistancy we need after cooking as u said) am going to try this :)

    You can 1 and 1/2 to 2 cups water for cooking 1 cup parippu…

  14. babithasooraj said

    Hi Annita,

    Gonna try this today :)


    All the best…and pls let me know if it comes out good for u…

  15. Dr.Prabhath Ramakrishnan said

    i think your recipe is simply great and it came out fine. im a bachelor and i am impressed by the fine results one attains when u stick to the recipe. although improvisations can go both ways.
    thankyou and keep up the fine work….!

  16. Greetings! Very helpful advice on this article! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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    • linsy anson said

      Dear Anitta,
      Today morning i saw your parippu curry’s receipe, and read all your replys and all,and i thpught u r a special personality &much more patience in you.May God bless you dear.

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